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Why study at Malaysia

Malaysia, a home for many cultures. A place that welcomes you with open arms regardless of religion, culture and belief. The country where you will find a Buddhist temple next to mosques, and a church next to a temple. Where on the God’s green Earth, would you see a picture like such?  It is not only a home for different cultures, but for the greatest skyscrapers, beaches and the world’s oldest rainforest. Nature’s paradise that lets you immerse in itself. Miraculous waterfall and caves, that gives the right equilibrium to education and fun.

Ringgit is the currency of Malaysia and is comparatively cheaper as compared to Euro or the Dollar. Also, the tuition and living expenses are relatively low when compared to other international destinations in the west, like the US or the UK. Even when compared to its neighbouring country, Singapore, the cost of living is pretty low in Malaysia. Priorities have changed over the years, yet money is something that still remains the top concern for the students while selecting an international university. For students who want to pursue their education overseas, Malaysia remains one of the favourite destinations with reputable universities that too at a very low fee structure. While one might not see many Malaysian universities in the top 100 rankings, but the quality of education in Malaysia is no less in comparison to the US or the UK.

Educational universities in Malaysia are closely observed by the Malaysian Education Ministry. Thus ensuring that both the government as well as the private educational institutions provide high-quality education to the students, which is being supported amply with latest technologies and tools. Malaysia offers a wide range of courses, programs and affiliate ties with different international institutions. It is well known for its twining degree, which is a cost-effective route for students who wish to pursue their educational qualification through countries like the USA, UK or Australia. The student-friendly laws in Malaysia also allow them to work part-time and earn a little extra income to compensate for their living expenses. Students are basically allowed to work for 20 hours per week.

At the pinnacle of Malaysia’s development over the year’s lies technology, which also remains the future prospect for Malaysia. Growth in technology has given the stature and place to Malaysia on the world map. So for the students seeking a degree in Information Technology or Computer Sciences, Malaysia can be serious contention while selecting international study destination.

For someone who hates cold and snowy weather conditions as in the west, Malaysia has a warm weather and a sunshine for mostly all of the year. Thus making your long weekends more enjoyable and fun, as you won’t be stuck in dorms or houses because of snow and cold. It also ensures that you have ample amount of time to plan and visit the iconic twin tower, Langkawi Island and the UNESCO world heritage. And what’s fascinating is, that you can go visit the sandy beaches all year long. Incredible highways connecting all the 13 states, travelling within the cities for students is quite convenient with easy to access rail, bus and taxis.

Although people belong to diverse ethnicity, race and groups, language has never been a barrier for students as most of the people in Malaysia are eloquent in English. In addition to which, one gets the opportunity to learn about varied numbers of cultures and traditions, because of its diversified environment.

Malaysia is a place for food lovers, so if you’re a foodie then you will fall in love with the place. The variety of food available in Malaysia is vast because of its widespread culture. With plenty of local cuisines available quite easily, one can have easy access to the Indian and Chinese cuisine as well. Such great diversity in food that too at an affordable price.

Another important issue that bugs most of the students while selecting their dream international universities, is the crime rate in the country. Having said that, Malaysia is one of the most peaceful countries in the world. People are hospitable and are receivable in nature. Racial discrimination has no place in Malaysia, ensuring that the students will have a peaceful time during their academic stay in the country. It also gives a sense of safety to the parents, who are worried about the well-being of their children, when they go overseas to complete their education. It can be said that it is a home away from home, as the students are welcomed by the locals with a warmness in heart and a smile on the face.

As one of the most developed countries in terms of infrastructures, Malaysia is a haven for students who want a convenient and safe environment with great amenities, good medical and healthcare support, excellent recreational facilities and of course, amazing educational institutions. Malaysia, truly is a place that gives students the value of their money, time and efforts.

Many alumni of the different Malaysian universities validate the fact about the good learning and growing experience at their institutions. Students say that studying in Malaysia has helped them to focus on the subject area they were interested in, and a good guidance from the faculty and staff helped them to make a fruitful career in their chosen industries. Students who are outgoing and are interested in learning about different cultures say that they enjoyed the opportunity of learning and growing with people from different cultures. Amid all these experiences, almost all of them believe that the technical foundation that was laid by the universities helped them greatly to become fundamentally strong and therefore made their life a lot easier when they started pursuing their careers in respective fields of interest.

Nonetheless, these experiences of alumni from the Malaysian universities completely validates the fact that the quality of education in Malaysia is no less than that of the UK or the US, that too at a comparatively less price.

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