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Why student wish to study in Australia?

Why Study in Australia


About Australia

Australia is an island and a continent comprehends a country along with the Island of Tasmania and many small islands around fenced by the Pacific and Indian oceans. Australia is the 6th largest country in the world.

The capital of the country is Canberra which is an inland city; however other major cities of Australia (Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide) are coastal.

Australia is one of the leading countries in economy, technology, healthcare and etc. Every year there are thousands of international students to come to this country for further studies, the education quality and affordable fees made Australia one of the hot hubs for students all around the world to pursue their dreams.

Australia has one of the best-organized societies all over the world with a population of over 22 million and more it is a safe country for people in comparison with other leading countries. This safe environment and beneficial policies which have been established are in favour of all people whether citizen or immigrants or students.


A glance into History

For centuries, Australia was the home to indigenous Australians, who are carrying one of oldest culture and ethics among all the natives around the world, evidence suggests that they have lived more than 50,000 years.

The first time Australia has been seen was by Spanish sailors who just passed by it, but in 1606 it was Dutch’s who explored the country (in “Cape York Peninsula” area) for the first time and named it “New Holland”. The country wasn’t so much interesting for the Dutch people as they thought it was a far and dry land so nobody travel to it.

In 1770, Capitan James Cook and his crew from the Britain Royal Navy mapped the east coast and named it “New South Wales”, and claimed it for Great Britain.

On 11th January 1788, Capitan Arthur Phillip along with 11 Great Britain’s ships and 1350 people under his supervision landed in the New South Wales and became the governor of the country.

In 1900, Queen Victoria granted the country its political independence and on 1st January 1901 Australia became independence country since then Australia is celebrating its independence day every year on this very same date.

Australian Federation initially made Melbourne their temporary capital and started looking for a new site. Some say the reason to choose the new capital city was that of a compromise to be made between opponents cities: Sydney and Melbourne, in others opinion they believe because both Sydney and Melbourne were coastal cities and there were possibilities of sea-related disasters so they were looking for an inland location in New South Wales. At the end, Canberra site got a green flag and construction commenced in 1913 and the location officially named Canberra. Canberra is one of the rare cities in Australia which is entirely planned.


Below points explain why international students should study in Australia:

  1. Education quality: Australian institutions are famous for their excellent ranking of educational quality in all levels of study; the country is the 3rd preferred country in the world after USA and UK for students to pursue their further studies. Australia is offering the wide range of unique courses to international students that are rarely offered anywhere else.
  2. Government policies: International students are bringing a great economical outcome for the country; therefore the governments are taking the education sector very seriously and putting it on priority, so you can see many facilities been provided to international students like health insurance and accommodations and etc. also they get numbers of discounts in transportation, entertainment, shopping and etc.
  3. Living Expenses: Australia is an expensive country, but living cost is way cheaper than the countries like USA or UK. The yearly expenses are depending on to the lifestyle of the students. It is so easy to make a balance between income and expenses while saving in Australia.
  4. Multicultural country: The diversity presented in Australian institutes makes it possible for the students to know more live culture around the world and meet people from different places and far countries without travelling there. Apart from finding friends from all over the world the students can learn so much from their friends regarding their countries and mind-set and it brings everyone to a peaceful unity that our world needs the most.
  5. An English Language country: The first language of the country is English and it is making life easier for the visitors and students as all the courses are taught in English. So many students prefer to go to Australia because of the fact that they do not need to learn another language to blend in and interact with people.


These were some picked reasons out of so many to why study in Australia.

Where Australia excels




As per the world’s economy Australia’s economy is 13th largest economy, also its 15 industries out of 20 has rated above the global average by high productivity level. The biggest industry in Australia is the “service sector” with 75% of jobs of total jobs offered in whole country.

Australia is exporting its natural resources (like coal, iron, copper, gold, etc.), food and energy, and the foreign investors are happily investing on these sources. This potent treasure makes so much money to progress country and invests in its people’s education and service.

The most famous agriculture products of Australia are Sugarcane, Wheat, Fruits, Barley- Poultry, Cattle, and Sheep. According to the statists the number of sheep in Australia is 3 times more than human.

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