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Consistently one of the world’s top destinations for international students, the UK offers a chance to be part of a historic, dynamic and varied student population. Modern British culture is an eclectic mix of international influences – a result of the country’s long-standing role on the world stage – and a wealth of diverse regional customs and cultures which are strongly celebrated and constantly re-invented.

England has by far the biggest population among the four constituent members of the UK, and also attracts the largest numbers of international students. But each of the other home nations – Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland – offers an equally enticing offering, with truly unique cultural and natural settings to explore, as well as many excellent universities. It is said that in the UK, the locals have a different accent every 30 miles that you travel. This is an apt reflection of the diversity of the country and its people and is complemented by an equally diverse selection of universities and study locations. Whatever type of university and environment you’re seeking, read on for our complete guide to studying abroad in the UK.

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