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Location : India ,Maharashtra

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Universal Business School was established as part of Strive India Education Foundation in February 2009. Universal Business School (UBS) takes a leap forward, by creating India’s first Green Business School ensuring eco-smart integrated thinking and a sustainable campus. The idea for establishing a world-class business school in Mumbai was born in 2008. The Business School is founded by International Business Leaders who have business experience in all five continents and have managed multi billion dollar global businesses. They have built a unique experiential-based learning pedagogy for international Business Executives.

UBS provides full time and part time Graduate and Post Graduate programmes in Management along with Executive Management Development courses. UBS through its subsidiary Business Scorecard India will provide Training and Consultancy Services to leading Indian and Multinational companies and will act as a premier resource for Organisation Building, Business Growth, Customer Delight and Employee Development.

GLOBAL EDUCATION ADVANTAGE : 1st B-school in India Approved by AICTE to give a PGDM with Foreign Collaboration. Become a GLOBAL STRIVER with Global Education from UK, France, Italy, USA, Canada & Bulgaria

ENDORSED BY 60 CEOs : Leading CEOs believe in the value of programs delivered by UBS giving the highest corporate recognition.

80% EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING: Learning by doing is the Mantra followed at UBS. Faculty are Industry Leaders who have led large businesses in India and globally with 500+ years Industry experience.

GLOBAL ALUMNI NETWORK : Join the Alumni Network of 80000+ students from 146 countries of our Partner Universities. Make our NETWORK your NETWORTH.

GLOBAL ACCREDITATION : UBS Partner Universities are accredited by AMBA (UK), AACSB (USA), EPAS (Europe), QAA (UK), CHEA (USA), EduQua (Switzerland)… providing highest quality education.

BUILT BY INDUSTRY FOR INDUSTRY : Built by 3 Global CEOs who have led multi-billion dollar businesses and supported by 30 Industry Senators. 100+ CEOs visit UBS campus every year.

Universal Business School™ will consistently focus on blending core research and experience in the real world. The learning environment will make students directly encounter real-life situations which will test their skills, knowledge, and emotions and allow them the flexibility to react to developing situations, rather than merely thinking about the encounter and hypothetically responding to the stimuli. This will ensure our students becoming extremely aware of the contemporary business environment, as they step into the corporate world. This will enable them to become productive, from Day 1. Annual Symposia and Conferences, which we will regularly arrange at our Institute, will provide an excellent opportunity for students to hone their leadership and management skills, as they listen to global thought leaders.

We will be using several techniques and employ the latest available pedagogic technologies: Case Study Method, Shadow Techniques, Simulations, Experimentations, Industry Consultation and Experiential Learning Projects etc. etc. These processes will ensure that our students have a rich learning experience. Thereby, empowering them adequately, to tackle with confidence the professional challenges, which they are bound to face, throughout their career. The objective being to effectively synthesize classroom learning, with real-life business situations.

Our Association with Business Scorecard – India, provides us an exceptional quality of Consulting and Training Service opportunities for interacting with leading Corporates in India. Our students will be exposed to world class management Practices and Processes, as adopted by global thought leaders. These learning experiences will provide them with expertise as utilized on a day to day basis, by successful organisations, both in the private and the public sector. These benefits for our students, clearly differentiates the Universal Business School™, from other contemporary places of business management learning.



Step 1 : 1st Round Personal Interview (Only one round interview for BBA Applications)

Step 2 : 2nd Round Personal Interview

Step 3 : Offer Letter (Unconditional or Conditional – Entrance Score / Graduation / 12th %age

Step 4 : Confirm your Admission if conditions met

  • Only one application may be submitted per year.
  • Applicants are responsible for ensuring that their application is complete. We will contact you if there are any missing components of your application.
  • The Admissions Board will not consider any additional materials or changes once an application has been submitted.
  • The completed application becomes the confidential property of UBS and is not returnable.
  • Applicants are responsible for ensuring that all the information and accompanying material provided in connection with their application is authentic and accurate.
  • UBS may at any time require applicants to provide satisfactory verification of the information and documents submitted as part of their application. If a candidate is unable to do so, the School reserves the right to withdraw any offer of admission already made, and/or to terminate one’s status as a student.
  • Applicants assume all costs for authenticating and verifying documents and information associated with their application.
  • Once an application is submitted, the Board reserves the right to request additional information from the applicant, including, but not limited to, an interview.
  • All applicants who have been invited for a test and/or interview must fulfill the request in order to complete the application process.
  • The Admissions Board may contact your references to clarify or to gain additional information regarding your candidacy and to relate specific and relevant details about your abilities and performance.
  • By the end of the day on the notification date, all applicants will receive an email reminder of the Admission Board’s decision. In some cases, your decision may be an invitation to interview or an invitation to join our waitlist.
  • Due to a large number of applications, we will not be in a position to provide feedback to candidates who were not admitted. Unfortunately, many outstanding individuals are denied admission. Also, please understand that the decision of the Admissions Board is final.

The Interview

  1. First Round Interview: After your application has been submitted and reviewed, you will be invited to a test and/or interview which will serve as an important element amongst other criteria that are considered as we review your application. Applicants will be sent interview invitations via e-mail with telephone follow-up, if necessary. Interviews will be scheduled on campus, or on the telephone, or in domestic or international hub cities.
  2. Second Round Interview: Students selected in the 1st round will have an interview with one of the 60 CEOs on the Board of Governors for a rapid fire 2nd round of Interview. Those selected will be sent an Offer Letter within 48 hours of the 2nd Round of Interview.

To ensure we attract the best quality students it is believed that tomorrow’s managers need to have multifaceted skills, in several areas. They will need to be adaptable, to meet the increasingly challenging and changing demands, of the corporate world. To ensure we get high-quality students, we are convinced that the students need to have a personality, which is diversely shaped, and have the experience of several environments.

A rigorous selection process is followed to assess the candidates overall aptitude, for becoming a successful manager. Besides the CMAT/ CAT / GMAT scores, (in case of MBA/Executive MBA students) candidates will be evaluated based on their demonstrated behaviors in the past and psychological testing for aptitude / attitudes.

Over three years of detailed secondary research has been done with the leading HR Managers and recruiters at Multinationals and Indian companies to determine the qualities required by organisations in selection of ideal candidates. Based on these findings Universal Business School (UBS) is adopting a unique set of tools to uncover the raw potential in order to meet the needs of the corporations. Below are the key essential requirements for successful managers from these research studies:


UBS offers world class living standards and has been termed a ‘FIVE STAR UNIVERSITY’ by India Today Magazine for the excellent student living accommodation within the campus for national as well as international students. Student residences provide a comfortable and safe environment to the residents to succeed academically, grow personally, to make lasting friendships with the fellow students & faculty and to meet their personal interests and professional needs. All students live on the UBS Campus to ensure they can participate in all the academic, professional and fun activities on Campus.

Students live in resort like apartment blocks. Each student gets an Air-conditioned single room with attached bathroom with four students sharing a living room, dining room and kitchenette. Each room is furnished with a bed, study desk, chair and cupboard. The bathrooms have a hot water geyser and the Kitchenette is equipped with filtered drinking water, hot water kettle and hot plate. The Rooms are mountain facing or Campus facing. We also have dual sharing option for the rooms.

Living on the UBS Campus is an amazing experience as you are surrounded by nature, mountains in the serene Karjat Valley. You get a 360 Degree view of mountains from each and every part of the 40 Acre Campus at the foothill of Dhak Fort at 2700 feet.

Seasons @ UBS Campus

During the rains (Mid June – September) you experience over 20 waterfalls from the mountains with gushing streams and overflowing lakes. During the winter (End November to Mid-March) the temperature drops to 11 Degrees with clear blue skies with a million stars. The summer (April to Mid-June) are the hot months.

Cultural Diversity @ Campus

UBS strives to promote an environment where staff and students enjoy culturally inclusive behaviour and activities; cultural differences are celebrated as we believe in ‘Celebrating the difference’.

Regional and International Diversity: UBS has a culturally diverse community of faculty, staff and students from 23 states of India and 10 countries

Language Diversity: at UBS the students, faculty and staff speak, English, Hindi, Marathi, Punjabi, Tamil, Gujarati, Telegu, Konkani, Kannada, Oriya, Sindhi, Malayali, Bengali, Assamese and International Languages like Mandarin, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Lithuanian and Urdu.

Religious Diversity: UBS Faculty, staff and students belong to different religions like Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Jainism, Zoroastrianism (Parsi) and Sikhism.

Diversity of Festivals: Students also experience different religious festivals like: Diwali, Holi, Christmas, Gurpurab, etc., where they get to know the traditions, faith, and spirituality of other religions.

Exchange of Ideas: UBS provides many opportunities for information exchange on inter cultural initiatives, programmes, and activities in the UBS community.

Boarding & Lodging
Option 1

Single Sharing : Rs. 2,34,000 per year (Inclusive GST)
Option 2

Dual Sharing : Rs. 1,78,000 per year (Inclusive GST)

Additional Hostel Facilities

1) Non Ac Rooms Dual Sharing Rs 138000/- (Inclusive GST)

2) DOM Sharing Rs 118000/-(Inclusive GST)

A/C Rooms with Single and Dual sharing options including washroom, common Living & Dining room with Kitchenette, Housekeeping facility, Soft Furnishing, Wi-Fi, Gym and extensive Sports Facilities.

Laundry Facility by LaundraMINT Rs.5,000/-

Students are provided with Laundry facility on campus by LaundroMINT - Modern well equipped with state of the art machines providing quick, hygienic and professional laundry service with global standards which will entitle them 20 loads/year (Each load of 5 kg.) for a cost of Rs. 5,000/- p.a.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner (Veg, Non veg and Jain Food)

Note: Jain Food cooked in separate Kitchen.
Security Deposit (Refundable) Rs.  25,000/-
CSR Fund Deposit (Non Refundable) Rs.   5000/-


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