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Why International student choose to study in New Zealand?


You are wondering what corner of the world you should turn to get that top of the notch education that will be recognized wherever you go as above standard, the certificate or degree you can stand tall on, a place where you will be welcomed with open arms given fair opportunity and be handsomely rewarded for excellence without discrimination whatsoever? And all this at very reasonable costs that will not see you chained to student loans for the better part of your professional life?! Then look no further, for there is such a thing as an international students Paradise, there is such a thing as the “land of the long white cloud”, there is such a thing as New Zealand.

Now I know you would be wondering how and why I am so enthused about a place that is literally at the bottom right corner of the globe, probably thousands of miles away from where you are. Well sometimes the best gems are found at the bottom of the sea. Let not New Zealand’s far location cheat you out of a great life experience that will open great doors of opportunity like you never experienced before. In this piece we will go over some of the main reason why you should consider studying in New Zealand

A Welcoming People

Whenever you decide to go live in a foreign place for some time, one of the main things that will keep coming to your mind is how will you be received and what form will your interaction be with your host communities. The moment you step-off the plane and set foot on New Zealand soil, all your apprehensions will be swept away by the most pleasant surprise that awaits you. New Zealanders or more fondly known as “Kiwis” (after the bird that is found there and nowhere else in the world) are the most friendly, welcoming and accepting people you would ever meet on earth! The pace of life is laid back here, and no one will be at your neck stressing you out as you might be half-expecting. And for a place that seems so far from the rest of the world, you will be pleasantly amazed at the diversity you will find there. People from all corners of the world, from every race, and belief coexisting in a safe, and accepting environment, New Zealand has such a diversity friendly environment that its population is more diverse than most European countries!

A Mild Adaptable Weather

Another thing that might spur a visitor to a foreign land’s apprehension is how the geographical place itself will welcome them i.e. the weather. Whether you are from the arctic, from the hot desert-like corners of the earth, there is one thing that is certain New Zealand weather is not extreme on any side and with a little time you will find yourself perfectly adapted to it. New Zealand weather is very mild with summers recording an average temperature of 25 degrees Celsius and winters that aren’t that harsh at a minimum of 10 degrees Celsius. Chances are that you will either find this weather perfect for you, or require at the very worst a little adaptation to it. Winters are short from running from June to August, with summers running from December to February, spring and fall are in between the two having cool temperatures and a bit of rain.


A Brilliant Educational System

However great a place might be and however welcoming its people are, all is for naught if your main objective of going there cannot be fulfilled, which in this case is getting a great education. Not to worry! New Zealand’s 8 universities are among the highest rated in the world and its educational system based on the British system is just as great as far as quality is concerned. And it comes at much more affordable rates than you can find elsewhere. The degree you will eventually earn here will be recognized wherever you go in the world, studies curriculum are up-to-date with the latest developments around the world and very importantly, there is an established and very helpful international student support structure that will be ready to help you settle into your new life and home.

Work While You Study

New Zealand is among the most welcoming places on this whole planet! And this point will seal this argument. Unlike other developed countries that frown on giving international students work opportunities while they study, New Zealand has the most amazingly accommodating regime which allows you as an international student to work for as long as 20 hours a week the moment you arrive! This to say the least will be a huge relief for those who need to augment their budgets. Even after the end of your study, you will not be hurried up into leaving like other less friendly developed countries. Here you have the right to apply for a 12 month visa within which you are allowed to look for employment in your field of study! And once you are able to get employed, well you can apply for as much as a 4 year work visa with so much ease. Sometimes you might think New Zealand is too good to be true, but it is just that real!

Easy Visa Acquisition

In some western countries, getting admission at an educational institution does not make it any easier for you to get a visa of any kind! Not New Zealand. In Kiwi country, the visa requirements are very simple, fair and highly transparent. Getting properly admitted in any of their educational institutes will certainly give you the head start you need, as the rest of the requirements are mere formalities that you most probably already can easily fulfill. Once you get to New Zealand and eventually get employed after your studies, applying for and getting a permanent residency is almost as easy as applying for the work visa that is currently keeping you there.

From whatever angle you may look at it, New Zealand ticks all the right boxes for you as the perfect destination for your studies. It is friendly, the people are friendly, you can easily work there and you might just have found your new home the moment you set foot in this amazing paradise of a country.

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