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Scholarship & Money in France

Scholarship & money in France

Scholarship is the most important part of study of abroad. It defines quality of merit of the students. All over the world pupil who wants to study abroad they are willing with the help of scholarship. Scholarship is the most preferred objective amongst the students. There is a lot of scholarship available based on merit. Some universities offers partial scholarship to the students, some government sponsored scholarship. Sometimes government sponsor some full funded scholarship to the extraordinary ones to encourage and think beyond the horizon. Basically scholarship helps students to get access in easy life and tuition fees. Specially meritorious but poor people wants to study abroad with the full funded scholarship. Specially medical and engineering students ask for the scholarship as they have huge course fee for tenors.

Tuition fees-                                       

Tuition fees is the one of the deciding element of study in France. There are different institutes which have different tuition fees, but they are mostly in same level. Private universities course fee starts from 1,500 EUR to 20,000 EUR, it may varies upon the courses and the universities. Business schools sets their fees 5000-7000 EUR per year. Some government universities are offering courses in lower than privates.

Living cost-

Living cost defines how you can live your life. Most of the time people want to save money and utilise the facility of travelling. The living cost in Paris cost nearly 1200 - 1800 EUR per month, Nice cost 900- 1400 EUR per month. It can be less according your preference of living.


The scholarship are given by the France ministry of external affairs. It is according to merit list eligibility criteria and the background they are choosing for the international students. The government mainly fund the scholarship by giving them financial aid. Like – Eiffel- excellence scholarship.  This scholarship is for the masters and   Ph.D   students, but it is not going to cover whole tuition fees.

There are lots of private scholarship also that is offered by the many institutes and colleges individually. The criteria is each institutes are very much different. So when you are willing to apply make sure you will know all the pros and cons of scholarship guidelines.

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