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Living in France

Living in France

If you are moving in France, there is some little things you have to know about that will help you to stay and live life over there. France is the third largest country in Europe along with six boundaries called as’ hexagonal’ for shape.  France is mainly based in western Europe, apart from main France, its outskirts extends to the department d’ outré-mer and territories d’ outré mev  lollutively adjointly calls ‘DOMs-TOMs’.   So it is some pros and cons that will help you to lead a life in France.

Student life

Maximum students all around the world is willing to study in France, so student life is the mixture of all culture. It will be very adventurous and beautiful journey with the friends.  The colleges and the universities  organize lots of  conference, seminars, workshop, sports and tournaments to mix-up the students in to global. There is no dull day in universities life, the schedules filled up with a lot of activites.  Not only in activities, this colleges are very good in exams also. The universities repeatedly takes examination to check and and increase ability. After exams student can plan for the small trip for vacation with the friends


If you are set for France , you need to know about the climate and geography of France so you can go there with a lot of preparation. 4 distinct climate can be enjoy , as there have long hot summer( june to August), also have heavy rainy season with snow fall for 3 to 6 months. You need to be prepared for the dress, for summers it is light breath cloths, for rains you have to arrange waterproofs and for winter you need to arrange long and heavy jackets.

Travelling and transportation

 As a Human being we all have very keen interest about knowing new things. That’s the one of the reason we are human being. People starts with surrounding  first. After  reaching france, making friends, they plan for travelling. When you are in new country it seems like so many things we can know from there. There is a lot iconic places for travel  like Eiffel tower is one of them. Apart from this there is a lot of places like Corsica, mount Alps, museums are there for the scenic beauty.if you are travelling for the 2 3 days it will be best that you can stay in home stay, rather than any hotels. The owner of the home stay sometimes offer food also that saves your money and you can get to know  about their culture and customs.

The France have 2nd largest train connecter in world. If you want to go faraway just use trains. For the nearer you Can use the buses. It takes 2 euro as transportation charges. Avoid taxis because it is very much expensive in France.

People and life style

People of France are very humble and generous. They welcome their international travelers with lots of love. Most of the people is French speaking, so you have to prepare French aswell before going  to the France.  It is not that you have to learn all the things, but you can learn some communicative French language so that you can connect with the people. Otherwise France is the 2nd based country that widely learn languages. It is the country of wine and cakes. Food and wine is the best socio economic  platter of France.

France is the motherland of so many brands. The popular Dior, Hermes,  Louis vuitton, channel is from is the hub of fashion statement.  The people of France are very much well dressed and gentle to others. They welcome people with wine and cakes or with some pie.


After getting admission it will be helpful to you that you can arrange your accommodation. University or colleges also provide some accommodations, but not all time. So it is the best way that you make your friends then you can rent a apartment together. You can go for some rental apartments, studio apartments and people who gives rent in their house near university. It will take 250 to 700 euro per month . most of them will take one month or two months deposit  in advance.


France enjoys its national holidays on Easter and Christmas. Mayday in 1st May .8th May in the memory of world war 2. Bastille day is celebrated on july for the French revolution.






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