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Living for International Students in Australia

Living in Australia

Student Life: Life in Australia is comfortable; whatever you need is all nearby and opened for a longer period of time even sometimes during nights, whether it is grocery shops or medical care. You don’t need to be worry if you are starving at 3 am, you can easily find the places which are open all day and night. Australia is a desirable relaxing place to visit, with more than 10,000 beaches and 8,000 small islands around so it makes a wonderful weekend on beaches for students to get fresh.

Living expenses in Australia are affordable for almost everyone as the expenses match with general income of individuals. The student life can give the option of saving money on so many things and in the result, it will give them an opportunity to save up. All students are allowed to support their study and stay with doing the part-time job during the semesters and full-time works on holiday seasons. The country is known for its Sydney Opera House, the Great Barrier Reef, a vast interior desert wilderness called the Outback, and unique animal species like Kangaroos and duck-billed platypuses. The two endemic animals which are features as the coat of arms (the symbolic animal of the country) are a kangaroo and an Emu, which can be moved only forward and is considered as a symbol of development and growth.

Geography and climate: The huge size of the country makes it possible that the country to contain so many different types of environment. Australia is the only country in the world to occupy a continent and in same time covers rainforests, snowfields, desert (lots of it) and fertile croplands. The continent is the driest continent (after Antarctica) and nearly one-third of Australia is in the tropics. The climate is more comfortable in Southeast and Southwest so most of the population are living in that parts.

One of the famous things about Australia is the different type of climates it has all in itself, where in northern part people experiencing tropical climate with hot and humid summers and even warm and dry winters, the southern people enjoying cooler summers with rainy winters.


Travelling: There are many types of transportation in Australia such as trains in all the cities and ferries and trams in some cities but the favourite mode of transportation is the Bus; the reasonable ticket fees and time schedule, the safe road and trained employees and driver make it a very reliable transportation system. The best option is always to choose the road as the National Highway (1) is the longest in the world and circling whole country.

The taxis are always available but they are expensive so normally the students don’t prefer to use them unless it is an urgent pickup or drop it.To visit other cities you can use the air travelling but as predicted it is quite expensive unless you buy a ticket for some specific sales which are normally nun-refundable.


People and Lifestyle: People of Australia are so warm-hearted and welcoming all foreigners with open arms. You can rely on them and ask help no matter what, and they will be so happy to be there for you, whether it is an address of a reasonable shop or helping you to reach to an authority or legal service stall. Australia is giving so important to female power and failing to respect a lady in Australia can bring heavy consequences, the country was the world’s second country to allow women to vote. Also based on the income of each person, education and life expectation, Australia got the 2nd position in the world for Human Development Index. The country has rather a safe environment for all ages; the rate of crime is less than so many other leading countries which makes it a perfect place to live.

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