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Study options in Italy

Study option in Italy

Birthplace of western culture Italy have the most dynamic education system in the world.  This world heritage city has most amazing education system. Most of the place enriched with monuments and heritage. Students mostly want to study here because of beauty of nature, architectural view of monuments and amazing view of the city. World’s oldest university Bologna, is a mark how educated people live in that time in 14th century in Italy.

Study options       

If you want to study Architecture, design, humanities then this place is for you. Italy is the most demanding city around the world for architecture. Italy is the global capital of heritage. Italy offers many courses for all around the world like Architecture, business & management, humanities, design etc.

Bachelors Degree

In Italy each and every level have their own name in Italian. Italians named the bachelor degree as “Laurea Triennale”. Bachelors degree takes time as which course you are choosing. Some takes 3 years some are 4. Mainly MBBS can take 6 years atleast. The college education also called “Licei”. 4 kind for licei we are getting here as “Liceo classico” for Latin, Ancient greek, Italian history and philosophy. “Liceo scientifico” refer scientific and mathematical topics, “Liceo linguistico” focuses on languages, and “Liceo Artistico” oriented towards arts as professional.

The technical institute are called “Instituto Technico” and the vocational institutes are called  “Instituto professionale”

Masters Degree

Masters or post graduation courses are the most desirable courses in the Italy. People around the world wanted to do masters here. The courses take 1 or 2 years to complete the course. After that people can go for work if he interested for higher study, he can apply for the Ph.D.

Doctorate or Ph.D Degree

The most prestigious degree Ph.D. recognized with the title ‘Scuola Superiore Universitaria’. Mostly students who loved to pursue with science and architecture come here to fulfill their dream. The degree helps to spread wings all over the world.

School Programme

If you have a dependent child with you, schooling programme of Italy will help you to grow your child. The education system of Italy has the compulsory education system till the age of 16. They have named their schooling programme to indicate different stages like-

Kindergarten as ‘Scoula dell’infanzia’, primary school as ‘Scoula primaria’ or ‘Scoula elementare’, lower secondary called as ‘Scoula Secondaria di primo’ (for 11-14 years) and upper secondary called as ‘Scoula Secondaria di second grando’ (for 14 to 19 years). If anyone gets good marks in their secondary this stage will access to go to university.

This place has so many stories to untold, every monument has some mystery to unfold.  If anyone wants to live history and monuments, It is high time to choose Italy as your study destination.


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