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Scholarship and Money in New Zealand

Scholarship and Money in New Zealand

“Education is not preparation of life, education is a life itself”- john Dewey.

Student who are passionate about abroad studies, this kiwi land must be in wish list. New Zealand blessed with the wonderful scenic beauty which applaud the mind for the lifetime. Whenever a student wants to apply for a foreign degree, they are looking for fund or scholarship. Scholarship is a grand that helps not only the financial life of the student but also the personal life of the student. Student can keep balancing over the student life and the personal life. Preparation of the abroad studies outcomes the best version of the person.

Courses students wants to apply in new Zealand-

Main question of the students are which is the beneficial subject while study in New Zealand. There are so many subjects a student can apply for. Engineering is the first choice of the among the students, most of the students are willing to apply for engineering, specially for mechanical .Tourism and hospitality management is the respectively 2nd and 3rd position of the choice. As New Zealand is a wonderful destination for travelling, many hotels and resorts are there, that enriches the tourism and the hospitality management. The speciality of the country, ‘this is the safest country to travel with, proportion of crime is low’. 4th is information technology and 5th is agriculture. New Zealand is having most popular option for studying in agriculture.

Tuition fees-

New Zealand have 600 private university and the 8 state funded university. Most of the universities delighted with the QS world rankings. New Zealand offers comparatively low budget education so the student can easily apply. Undergraduates’ courses arts and science mostly course fees around NZD18, 000- 25,000 and for the post-graduation its NZD 10,000- 30,000. For Ph.D. student can Have their scholarship and work while they are doing their thesis. Students who are awardee with work while study can work for 20hrs per week. Students cannot be self-employed. Most of the students can take their dependents when they apply for the higher studies.

Living cost-

Living costs are depends upon how a student lead his life in New Zealand. Auckland is the most centre of attraction place. Otherwise there is wellington (capital), Christchurch, Hamilton, Queenstown in the list.  Living cost are the addition of the accommodation, transport, foods, and daily expenses. Accommodation depends upon where student wants to live, they can go with homestay (200-270 NZD) per week. The group of friends can opt for a rent apartment flats or there is an option in university accommodation. But all the university is not having accommodation feature, so while applying a student must go through the all the details. Other things include is medical, insurance, books and stationaries, gas and powers.


Now coming to the scholarships. The students who are having exceptionally goof academic qualification can apply for the scholarship in New Zealand, provided by the New Zealand government. Student seeking for the scholarship so that they can have some relaxation in course fees and that balance is in their living cost or daily life. There are so many scholarship like

  1. Ministry of foreign affairs ad trade, New Zealand (MFAI) –mostly for undergraduates and post graduates.
  2. Commonwealth scholarship- also known as commonwealth scholarship & fellowship plan(CSFP). This is one of the most prestigious scholarship giving to the commonwealth countries, from the year 1959.
  3. ASEAN New Zealand scholarship award programme
  4. Pacific New Zealand fellowship.

Along with this scholarships, the private institutes also offering them a lot of scholarship that helps the students pursue with the private institutes only. Sometimes the private institutes announces the scholarship, but sometimes they are not. The international admission body accessing the student profile and mark them with the potential one and offer them the scholarship.

About the post study work visa, New Zealand offers the most amazing post study work visa. If the student is living and studying outside Auckland, they can access 3 years post study work visa. So the students, why you are waiting for!! Just select your programme, plan your budget, apply for the visa and get ready to go and explore the beauty with the brains in the world of Kiwi.





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