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Why people choose to study in Italy

Why study in Italy

Cities of history and the monuments combined by the god and named Italy. Italy is heavenly beautiful with the diverse of nature, scenic beauty and the culture. This is the city of purity, faith and god. The famous Vatican City is one of the famous place in Italy. Every single lane is beautiful, filled with the historical touch and architecture. Every students dream destination is Italy. This is the city of Leonardo da Vinci, Galileo Galilei and many more famous person who broke their boundaries worldwide and make Italy proud. If you are willing to study in Italy here is some informations which you have to keep in mind…

Education quality- if you are willing to apply for study in Italy, you should first research on how is the education quality is. In Italy from 6 years to 16 years old all education is compulsory. Schools and stages divided as kinder garden, lower secondary, higher secondary and university. There is various type of university that is private and public. Public university is funded by the government and mostly free for the nationalities. Private university make their own path, sometimes get some funding from the government in a form of award for the betterment of future.

Living expenses- coming to the living expenses Italy is famous for costly living expenses and accommodations. But inner story is different form this.  Near about 90,000 students is form international countries are here for the studies. Its depends upon where you study and what is your life style. Mainly Rome and Milan is the most expensive. But if you can live for outskirts of the city you can find reasonable means while you go for local eat out it is two course meal with 20 euro -30 euro. Italy is very much outdoor country. All the people love to do parties and night out long.

Government policy and economy- Italy government trying to increase investment in the part of education. They announces some of the scholarship to the students who is not residing in Italy. Now Italy is going through an unemployment segment, but hopefully the government will overcome this.

Tourism- Italy is the core attraction of the tourist. If you are going there for study, make sure you are not missing any breath-taking site seeing of the Italy. Alps, the colosseum, canals of Venice, leaning tower of Pisa, Lake Como all the beauties are there to give you wonderful experience. It will be live long experience to cherish in every moment. Throughout the country has great transport network by train, boat, plane, bus. Italy is called gateway of south Europe. You can get any flight from here to any European country is in cheaper rate.

Work while study- most of the students willing to do work when they are studying to reduce their living cost. But unfortunately getting a job not very easy for the international students. EU students don’t need to get permission but non-eu must provide the permissions. Students can work for 20 hrs in a week, but they are not allowed to do the work in vacation. Some of the companies hire for the internship so they can earn 500-1000euros, but it is very rare. If any of the company give the job to the internationals, employer must submit the latter of employment in the Italian police station.


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