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Location : Germany ,Heidelberg

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The language school Alpha Active Heidelberg was founded in 2003 by Beata Drogi, Germanist and teacher with many years of experience. Our goal is to show you the way into the fascinating world of languages ​​with the help of our young and dedicated team and our efficient training methods.

The language school Alpha Aktiv Heidelberg is located in a modern building in the heart of Heidelberg. The classrooms are spacious and equipped with modern furniture. All this creates a pleasant and friendly atmosphere where learning is fun.

Outside class hours our rooms are still available for our students, for example to do homework in the afternoon in the language school or to listen to learning CDs.

Corresponding media are available free of charge.

Furthermore, there is a computer room with internet access, a DVD player for your own films and free Wi-Fi in all rooms for our students.

The rooms of the language school Alpha Aktiv Heidelberg are air-conditioned, so that even in the hot summer months working in a concentrated environment is possible. In addition to our classrooms, we provide the students with a music room and a reading room, which they can use in their free time.



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The language school Alpha Aktiv Heidelberg is your first contact in terms of accommodation.

We have our own student dormitories and apartments and provide host families, with whom we have worked reliably and successfully for many years.


The language school Alpha Aktiv Heidelberg has its own student residences in Heidelberg. There are two buildings in the city center of Heidelberg as well as one in the idyllic district of Ziegelhausen, where single and double rooms are available for our students.

In the dorm you either live alone or with another student in a room and share with the other residents on one floor the bathroom and the kitchen.

In the dorm, you can quickly find your way to other international students and take advantage of this opportunity to directly apply your German language skills learned in the classroom.

Prices Accommodation Dorm:


Accommodation (prices per person) 1 night 1 week 2 weeks 3 weeks 4 weeks From 2 months (price per month)
Single Room (Student Residence Bismarckplatz) € 35 € 170 € 290 € 390 € 440 € 410
Double Room (Student Residence Bismarckplatz) € 25 € 100 € 190 € 260 € 310 € 290
Single Room (Student Residence Ziegelhausen) € 30 € 140 € 260 € 330 € 380 € 350
Double room (Studentenwohnheim Ziegelhausen) € 20 € 90 € 160 € 220 € 260 € 240



In addition to our dormitories, there is also the possibility to live in apartments of the language school Alpha Active Heidelberg. Each apartment has a private bathroom and a kitchenette.

In addition to the one-bedroom apartments, which can be used as both a single and double room apartment, there are also two-room apartments that share one kitchen and bathroom with another person.


Prices Accommodation in apartments:


Accommodation (prices per person) 1 night 1 week 2 weeks 3 weeks 4 weeks from 2 months (price per month)
Single apartment (Rohrbach, Bismarckplatz) € 60 € 180 € 340 € 480 € 500 - 650    € 500 - 600
Double Apartment (Rohrbach, Bismarckplatz) € 45 € 120 € 240 € 360 € 360 - 460 € 320 - 400





guest families


An alternative to accommodation in a dorm or apartment is our host families.

Living in one of our selected host families offers the best opportunity to get to know the German way of life and hospitality and to improve the language skills by practicing commonplace phrases in exchange with native speakers.

The accommodation is usually with half board, but can be adjusted as desired.


Prices of host families (per week):


host family per week
Overnight with half board € 250
Bed and breakfast € 230
Overnight stay without meals € 210


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Currently there are no scholarships available.

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