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Location : Germany ,Hannover

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Our vision conveys what GISMA Business School stands for, defines our values and aids transparency, allowing you to understand exactly what we do and why, as well as what we have to offer.


  • GISMA educates individuals to be responsible members of the global business community.
  • GISMA stands for practice-oriented and inspiring management education at the highest academic level that enables
    students to be engaged in life-long learning.
  • GISMA cooperates with a network of globally operating organisations and supports the business community in its internationalisation process by preparing international students for the German, British and international economy.


    GISMA Business School:

  • Works towards becoming the most international business school in Germany and the UK, valuing high diversity among students, faculty, staff and collaboration partners.
  • Deems itself to be a school for business and employers, generating global insights, adjusting them to local conditions, and vice versa.
  • Focuses on developing individuals into effective change agents for the German, British and the international economy.
  • Bridges the gap between education and the corporate sector, applying varied views of best practice to maximise students' readiness to join the business world.
  • Addresses the challenges of a competitive market environment with relevance to customers and distinctiveness to competitors.
  • Provides a modern infrastructure and an inspiring learning environment that mirrors the unique character of a signature business school.

Education at GISMA Business School:

  • Merges business experience and practice with academia and theory through customised, experiential and interactive learning.
  • Strives for the development of a new kind of business leader, valuing the role of business in society, corporate sustainability, ethical awareness and stakeholder interests.
  • Increases knowledge about science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) and bridges natural and social sciences in hybrid forms;
  • Applies blended learning and digital technologies to complement human abilities and understands how digital disruption is changing the human condition.
  • Is rooted in a liberal arts context and integrates a humanity-minded approach that stays adaptable and reactive in a rapidly changing world;
  • Places language learning and communication skills at the forefront enabling students with rhetorical and client-facing skills to meet interpersonal and cross-cultural challenges.


    In fulfilling its aims, GISMA has the following values:


  • We strongly value diversity in the backgrounds, ideas, strengths, interests, and experiences of our students,
    faculty and staff


  • We strongly believe in the positive power of change as a motor for continuous improvement and innovation.

Ethics & Responsibility

  • We create an environment of honesty, transparency and trust, and hold ourselves and our students with the highest standards of ethical behaviour.


  • We are committed to excellence in all our endeavours.
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While studying in Berlin or Hannover, you have a number of accommodation options to choose from. The most popular options include: flat or house share and studio/flat rent.

GISMA provides students enrolled on HE programmes with information and consultation on the available accommodation options in Hannover and Berlin. Please contact your GISMA consultant for more information.

Accommodation Process

You can start your accommodation process at GISMA once you receive your visa and book your flight ticket. The process is as follows:

  1. The “Accommodation & Airport Pick-Up Application form” can be completed.
  2. After you send your application, you will receive an accommodation offer after a minimum of two weeks.
  3. Your offer will include: a description of the accommodation, local area, and costs (rent, deposits, accommodation fee, etc.). If you decline our offer, you will only receive one more
  4. If you accept, you will receive booking confirmation - including payment details from your landlord.
  5. If you request Airport Pick-Up in your application, you will also receive confirmation for this.

Please note: help with your accommodation is not offered as part of your programme fees.


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