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The University of Applied Sciences Europe is part of Global University Systems. The university promotes the future-oriented development of skills and interdisciplinary teaching formats in step with actual practice and according to the highest international standards at locations in Iserlohn, Berlin and Hamburg.

Through the interaction between creative, entrepreneurial and digital thinking, as well as an international perspective, the various fields of study mutually enrich each other and offer new approaches in teaching and research tailored to the requirements of Job Market 4.0. 

At the University of Applied Sciences Europe we are committed to providing our graduates with lasting and successful studies and training for job in the digital age. As a state-accredited university of applied sciences under private ownership, we promote especially independent entrepreneurial-creative thinking and acting. We provide the relevant specialist, decision-making and social skills through modern pedagogical concepts in flexible study programmes. As a cosmopolitan, European university, we cultivate both local and global perspectives and actively promote the international mobility of our students. 

We pursue respectful interpersonal relationships that motivate our students and employees to contribute to the shaping and further development of the university. At each campus we cultivate a personal atmosphere by individually addressing and actively accompanying the unique strengths, life situations and development paths of our students.

The consistent combination of theoretical requirements and practical implementation promotes professional curiosity and provides orientation in the development of a unique profile. For this purpose, we consider dialogue-focused, interactive pedagogical concepts in small groups as the optimal manner to acquire result-oriented competencies. Furthermore, the interdisciplinary cooperation of our various departments offers students significant added value.

These goals are pursued and met by a professorship which itself is scientifically and practically active and is fully acquainted with the current challenges in its field of expertise. We execute our educational mission with equal responsibility towards both the professional and social requirements demanded of us. Ultimately, our university sees itself as an inviting platform for imparting knowledge and research in the process guiding our students to become independent, reflective and responsible personalities. 

n the last few years, digitalization of the media has changed the job description for designers. Nowadays, designers work in an exciting space between art, design, and technology, across disciplines and international borders. We help you to develop your creativity individually, with an interdisciplinary approach and practical focus, allowing you to make a real impact with what you are doing. And that means worldwide. These four guiding principles form the basis for our actions in this regard:

Thinking globally, transcending boundaries

There are no boundaries to creativity. We believe that the best prerequisites for personal and creative growth come from being open to things new, having the courage to think differently, and being prepared to look beyond the immediate horizon.

At the University of Applied Sciences Europe we invite you to experiment, strike out in new directions, and find inspiration everywhere in the world through an interdisciplinary study course that offers many options to choose from among other study programmes, with integrated semesters and excursions abroad, international internship projects, and collaboration with like-minded professors and students from all over the world.

Each of us has special talents

We help you to recognize your personal strengths and to develop your individual capabilities so that you can find your dream job later – by working closely with experienced professors from the real world in a trust-based study atmosphere that offers you an environment for your personal development.

Growth through trial and error

Creative design and hands-on learning have a special role here at our university. Our mission is to offer you a course of studies of clear relevance to your later professional needs and to support you with exciting projects. We give you space in which to try out different directions and find your own way, whether with the aid of an interdisciplinary choice of subjects, as part of internship projects, “project weeks”, or with study-related traineeships. Because each of us grows along with our experiences!

Using team spirit, developing creativity 

We believe that a team is more than the sum of its members. Often, the best ideas emerge from creative exchange. Here at University of Applied Sciences Europe, we bring together professors, students and partners in cooperation from some 50 nations, each with their individual talents and expertise.

This creates a very special learning environment in which you exchange views, mutually inspire each other, and also encourage each other to think as entrepreneurs, as for example when planning joint exhibitions and conferences, or as part of global internship projects in which you develop creative solutions and give food for thought to clients from industry and the world of art and culture. And many of the connections made here at our university endure long after your studies are over.

On the teaching side also, you profit from exchange within a team because of the close cooperation of University of Applied Sciences Europe with partners and well-known universities worldwide in the development of programme content and teaching formats that have relevance for the future, such as lectures that span both national borders and continents.

Be part of our team and make an impact – worldwide!

The University of Applied Sciences Europe offers you six Bachelor and two Master programmes in the specialist areas of Photography, Illustration, Communication Design, Interaction Design, Game Design, Film + Motion Design and Media Spaces.

In Berlin, the Photography, Game Design, and Communication Design programmes are also offered in English. 

Your studies at University of Applied Sciences Europe offer everything you could need for a successful start in the creative industries:

More competence: Our professors are excellent professionals in their field.

From real life, for real life: Most of our professors also actually work in the creative industries.

Small groups: You’ll learn intensively and personally thanks to small classes and seminar groups.

Career: You’ll make a good impression on future employers. After all, thanks to the experiences you’ve gained during your internship semester, you know the procedures within the working world.

Collaborations: We lead frequent competitions with renowned companies and institutions to give you real-life conditions for testing whether your idea, budget, and time management are on-target.

Praise: Numerous awards prove that our university’s special programme concept is on the right track. And what’s even more important to us: Lots of successful graduates.

Particularly for careers that are continuously changing and developing, it is essential that you master the basics. That’s why we teach you the basics “from the bottom up”:

Classics: The basic understanding of rhythm and composition, color and light, art history, and scientific and academic publications.

Programme know-how: The confident use of programmes standard in the creative industry, such as Adobe InDesign, After Effects, Illustrator, and Photoshop.

Learning: All students at University of Applied Sciences Europe start with the same basics. That’s why courses for multidisciplinary work take place with the entire semester group from day one.

Extras: As soon as the foundation has been laid, you can choose your own areas of focus.

A Bachelor programme at the University of Applied Sciences Europe is the best start towards a successful future: In web design or developing apps; in photography, illustration, or cartoon animation; in advertising agencies and image editing; in publishing houses and in magazines; in companies, or even your own business.

Our Master's programmes qualify you and your perspectives further by developing your own direction and personal style. Self-reflection is a fundamental component that facilitates future decisions in the creative process and accelerates your creative career.

Use us as a springboard for your creative career path and set out your own course.



1. Your application: To apply, you must submit the completed online application form, your résumé, a cover letter (approx. 1 to 1.5 DIN A4 pages), plus your high school diploma qualifying you for university entrance. 

2. Application fee (only for non-EU citizens): In order to check your eligibility to study at UE and to start the application process we ask you to pay a one-time application fee of 50 €. Once this fee is received, we will further assess your application and will revert to you directly. Please proceed your payment here.

3. Interview: If the members of our selection committee agree that you are a promising candidate, we will call you for an entrance examination followed by an interview. After this, we will tell you straight away if you have been accepted.

4. Reservation fee (only for non-EU citizens): Once you are accepted as a student, you will be asked to pay a reservation fee of 3.000 €. The reservation fee is a one-time payment that will secure your spot and will be deducted from the total cost of the programme. You can find more information about this fee here.

5. Letter of admission: Once we have received your signed contract and the reservation fee of 3.000 € we will issue your letter of admission. This is mendatory for your visa application.

Important: In the application phase, you must have already decided on which of the degree programmes (Communications Design (English), Photography (English), Illustration, Film + Motion Design and Game Design) you would like to study. However, please note that you may change programmes at a later time if desired. 

Once we have gone through your application and work examples, we can then evaluate whether you are suitable for studying at our university. If yes, we will invite you to an interview. Please make sure that we have your correct, valid telephone number and can reach you under that number. Of course we will treat all your personal information with utmost confidentiality at University of Applied Sciences Europe and will not pass it on to third parties.


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