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International Students in Australia

International Students

Student Visa Information: Australian government has released a list which they are updating every year and subclassing each country’s students with considering the level of studies. This list of assessment levels will determine what additional documents are required for each student of each country. Here we are talking about the general requirement for the visa (for more information about the assessment level of your country you need to check the department of border and immigration website):

The list of documents to apply for a student visa:

  • Visa Application Forms and Checklists: To get an Australian student visa you need to fill a visa application form, you can apply online, through agents or by person to the embassy (depending on which level you are categorized), The application shouldn’t be sent to embassy before minimum 124 days (4 months) upon course’s starting date.
  • Letter of Acceptance: The institute will give you this letter and it shows that you have applied and it means that the college or university has accepted your application. Make sure the offer letter that you have is an Unconditional Offer Letter as you can’t apply for the visa with a conditional offer letter.
  • Health Insurance: All the students are required to apply for a health insurance for themselves and their dependents. The insurance is mandatory and normally can be done by the institute you are applying for, the cost of this insurance is AUS$437/- for a single insurance.
  • Financial Documents: Students from the assessment level 1 countries need to show they have enough fund, but other levels in addition to show the receipt of tuition fee (COE) they need to show the required fund for living expenses (AUS$ 19830/-) + air tickets (per person).
  • English Proficiency: The result of your English language test is not only required in time of applying in the institutes for your course, it is a mandatory document in time of applying for visa too.
  • Medical Check Up: You will be needed to attend a medical check-up and/or a radiology test with a panel doctor (approved by the Australian immigration department) to check if you are in a good health to travel to this country, the points they will check is for seriously contagious disease such as Tuberculosis, Pneumonia, Blood diseases and etc.
  • Criminal Records: This is mandatory for specific courses (for example the courses which deal with medical practice or children). This is to check that you have not attended any sort of crime and you are simply a good and law-obeying citizen of your country.
  • Additional Documents: Included 4 passport size photos, your educational documents (if in another language, should be translated in English), the related documents regarding your dependents, Passport copy, Birth Certificate, Letter of motivation or statement of purpose.
  • Visa Interview: You might get an interview call or will be asked to visit the embassy for an interview to support your application or clear the doubt of visa officer for the sole intention of your travelling to

On Joining/ During Stay:

Try to not miss the orientation day, it is an important day which is engaging all faculty, departments, on-campus clubs and students to show you the whole college or university, also it is a very good initial way to start finding friends. In your first days go for walking around your place and institute to mark the necessary places like grocery shops, police stations, emergency medical care, pharmacy, bank and etc. The idea of being abroad might be a little bit exciting for you and you may feel to try everything or buy so many things at first, but you need to overcome this excitement and try to save more. To support your study and living expenses you are allowed to do 40hours per fortnight part-time job in on-going study season and unlimited hours (full-time) on holiday seasons. Your whole concentration should be on your study, that is your motive number one and anything else comes far after it so gives all your energy to fulfil this and pass all the unit and credits you take. You can apply for a new student’s visa while in Australia and when your current study finishes. If you are studying for a degree (Bachelor’s, Master and PhD) you are eligible for the post-study work visa (the duration depends on your level of study).

Before Departure

You need to settle your accommodation before you travel. If your hostel or home is not getting ready before the first couple of days you will reach, make sure you will book a hotel till you will get to your new accommodation. Check the best way to reach your place from the airport which is having the reasonable price or ask a friend to pick you up; normally there is a bus service every hour. You need to put all your money in your international bank account in order to spend it but make sure you have enough cash with you for your first week expenses and keep it in a safe place. Check the weather before you travel as Australia’s climate is surprisingly different from other places, so make sure you are having enough warm clothes if needed. Before you fly please make sure you know the airline rules and you are familiar with the route you are flying and where you have to change the flight if your flight is not direct. Also, there is some limitation to bring some goods as well as some forbidden products to carry in any flight or entering Australia. Never take a parcel from any stranger to deliver it to Australia. Try to wear a comfortable set of clothes during your flight and bring a set of extra with you in your handbag in case you will have to change. You can buy a sim card beforehand as well as once you reached your destination airport.

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