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Study options in New Zealand

New Zealand becomes the most promising educational hub nowadays. The study in New Zealand will help you to explore one of the most versatile places of natures beauty. New Zealand makes their education system more unique way that  5 universities are ranked in QS world top ranking universities. In New Zealand, they framed their education system like New Zealand Qualification Framework (NZQF). New Zealand is offering world-class education system in Auckland, Wellington, Queenstown and many more.

Study programme

New Zealand government paying highest fund to upgrade their quality of education all around the world.  New Zealand has doctoral, postgraduate, graduate, polytechnic, diploma schools to enrich education. New Zealand Qualification Framework (NZQF) have level  10 to compel their schools to universities.

Bachelors degree programme

New Zealand is offering the best bachelors in technologies and polytechnics. New Zealand most renowned polytechnic institutions. After completing the school certificate, enter bachelors degree. Bachelors’ degree is for 3years generally, and for honors, it takes a year more so 4 years. .they entitled their course as level. In bachelors level is like level  5 (diploma), level  6 (diploma), level 7(diploma ) and also level 7 (graduate diploma).

New Zealand is offering the best agriculture, civil, tourism, IT, Polytechnic, and many more courses. after completing the bachelors' programme you can opt for jobs. If you have an interest in higher study, you have to apply for masters.

Masters degree programme

The master degree or postgraduate degree is combined 1-2 years. Some universities have done their masters for the 2 years, some completed within 1 or 1.5 years. The post-graduation degree entitled as level  8(post graduation diploma), and level 9(masters).

Ph.D. or  doctoral programme

The depth of the study & interest can lead you to take the highest degree qualification or Ph.D. Ph.D. or doctoral programme is called as level 10 or final level in New Zealand. Here you can get extraordinary assistance to complete your thesis. Doctorate degree from New Zealand will be recognized by the whole world and you can experience world rank universities. It mostly takes 3 to 4 years to complete and get the degree. After the Ph.D. you can easily join as an academic professional also.


 Schooling programme

If you have any child you want to bring with you as a dependent, then not to worry about schooling. New Zealand has many schools for international students and more important point is you don’t have to pay for your child as international students. The only thing is you have to bring them with student visa also. The schooling age is 5-16 years. New Zealand has three types of school state(public), state integrated and private. The maximum is state schools. In secondary school student study work for  NCEA(National Certificate of Educational  Achievement) which completes level 1 to 3 qualifications of  New Zealand Qualification Framework (NZQF).

Excellent study programme, world-class universities, and the beautiful landscape makes the New Zealand destination of studies. So the people who are willing to go overseas to New Zealand will be the most dream bucket list for you.



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