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Being the number one dream destination for international students and immigrants as a whole does not come by accident for the United States. This is a melting pot of cultures and civilizations from all the corners of the earth and it is often described as a nation of Immigrants. Of the total population that currently resides in the US, it estimated that over 63 percent are of European descent while African Americans and Asians account for almost a quarter of the total amount. In the year 2013 alone, the US welcomed almost a million fresh immigrants from all over the world.

The United States for the rest of the world symbolizes a powerful dream of a place where all are treated equally despite differences in background or beliefs. The American dream keeps inspiring millions to make this journey as the US is known as the place that as long as you are willing to work hard, then success and recognition will naturally follow. There are countless great examples of how the United States has attracted some of the greatest historical figures in the history of our planet. From Steve Jobs, the son of a Syrian migrant, to Albert Einstein from Germany, the US continues to draw multitudes who want to thread the steps taken by these giants. Some of the great things that keeps attracting students and other people to the US include

Cutting Edge Educational System

One of the biggest draws that keep luring international students to the US is the fact that right from the schools, the American Dream is wide awake. The United States higher institutions are consistently rated among the very best in the world. Some such as Harvard and MIT are regarded as the finest in the world with no rival in sight. The US educational system is renowned for discovering talent by turning seemingly average students to geniuses.

A big chunk of the latest discoveries in science and technology are happening in the labs of some of its great centres of learning, and there is no place else on the planet that a student can have a better opportunity of seeing history happen right in front of them than in the US. Students are allowed to explore their unique talents and are given ample freedom to develop it. It is in the US education system that a student could get funding in the millions of dollars to see their idea grow due to the enterprising nature of the country,

Huge Career Opportunities

Not just for international students, the US is a very attractive place to migrants all over the world due to the great employment opportunities it presents to even guests. With the world’s largest economy the US is always on the lookout for brilliant minds to take into its already humongous workforce.

Work conditions are great in general and the minimum wage is also above what most other countries offer. To top it all up the US is known for making people with absolutely nothing but their brilliant ideas into multi-billionaires, and it is this dream of being given a fair chance to excel that invites millions over the years to the US. As international students, work opportunities start early as you will be offered a chance to work for a whole year in an area that is related to your program of study once you are done with school. You can also apply for a temporary work visa or apply for any other visa category that is related to its famous “dreamers” program. In the US anything is absolutely achievable when you put your mind to it.


The land of Liberty could not be more aptly named. The United States is a completely free society where people are allowed to freely express their beliefs and opinions without fear of censure. Unlike other countries where speech is curtailed or where people could face arrests for peaceful protests, the United State is a whole different world as people are legally allowed to express their displeasure even if it concerns a sitting President.

The whole fabric of the US is built on this idea of freedom, as whatever your faith, race or colour you are allowed to live freely and chase after your goals and dreams. The government has several checks to its powers as the human rights community is extremely strong here while the courts act as arbiters for justice, where even the poorest person can get their rights without fear of bias.

A Great People with Solidarity for Humanity

The US is also famous for its very friendly people who are open to welcoming the new people from foreign countries. Where ever you arrive from, you will find Americans very welcoming and curious to learn more about your background. Americans will be more than happy to show you around and make you feel completely at home.

Americans are also very famous for coming together as a human race in times of disaster. It is a recurring experience to see people from the US gathering round and crowdfunding charitable projects or relief programs for people hit by natural disasters at home or in other places around the world. Americans are very easy-going people who often love to explore and travel, this is why whenever a visitor comes to the US, they often feel as if nothing has changed as far as being welcomed and made to feel at home are concerned.


Without a doubt, the US is the headquarters of all entertainment in the world. The mention of Hollywood is a classic example of the American film industry has always and continues to be the biggest in the whole world. Every great quality on-screen performance and motion picture classics can be traced to the US. It is the country that has produced the modern celebrity life and gave it a huge significance that it never enjoyed in the past.

When it comes to music, the American hip-hop music industry always sets the trend for others to follow. No matter how talented a musician might be, they haven’t tasted success if they are not able to conquer the American music industry, and this is why the best talents around the world keep trooping to the US. Whenever you have the opportunity to visit Beverly Hills or any of the dozens of movie premiers that happen through the year, you might catch a glimpse of one or two of your icons and even take a selfie with them if you’re lucky

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