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Living in the UK

Living in the UK for any individual comes with its exclusive perks. It is very prestigious and offers you some unique and breathtaking experiences that you cannot find anywhere else.  The United Kingdom is a global power with heavy influence on world finance and politics, as its views and leanings are paid great attention the world over. Aside that, the UK is one of the greatest sporting nations in the world with several high quality sporting activities taking place here, a classic example is its soccer Premier League which is considered the best and most competitive in the world.

Culture and heritage also has very deep roots in the UK, as it has some of the most iconic buildings that are instantly recognized worldwide like the Westminster abbey house of parliament, alongside some of the latest cutting edge contemporary architecture.

Life in the United Kingdom however has its challenges as it like all other things is not a bed of roses. And though it is a great place to study, it offers peculiar challenges to international students like the heavy tax regime the country is globally known for. However, some of the great things a student stands to experience include:

Friendly Community

The United Kingdom is home to one of the most diverse populations in the whole world. Once you step on British soil, you will be pleasantly surprised as you will be met with a friendly cosmopolitan population that is living harmoniously side by side despite differences of race and religion. The British people are famous for their polite and mild mannerisms that will make you feel completely welcomed and accepted. As an international student, once you arrive on campus you will be met with friendly faces from all over the world, which will be more than glad to help you find the relevant offices to complete your enrollment. Life off school is also very easy going, as depending on your beliefs you will certainly find a vibrant community from your home country already living there, which will aid in smoothening your transition to British life

Excellent Healthcare

The United Kingdom is home to some of the greatest healthcare services the world can offer. Their hospitals and general medical services are exceptionally qualitative with complete devotion to patient service. The United Kingdom is a popular destination for medical tourism worldwide, even heads of states from other countries regularly go there to be treated. The public health service which offers free medical care to citizens is also one of the very best in the world. As an international student, you will have access to these amazing health facilities with considerable discount on services that are not completely free

Work Opportunity

As a guest of the United Kingdom, you are allowed to seek for employment opportunities as your student Visa allows you to work 20 hours per week on part-time basis during your school term. And as soon as the holidays begin, you are given the right to work full-time at any place of your choice. This is a great way for you not to only help in augmenting your upkeep, but also to gain valuable experience in some of Britain’s unique workplace environments

Strong Currency

The Great British Pound Sterling is the strongest currency in the world, more valuable than both the Euro and United States Dollars. This will be a great advantage to you as an international student as you will be able to save some valuable money through your part-time work during school terms or full holiday-time work.

Opportunity to Speak the Queen’s English

Living and studying in the United Kingdom is a wonderful opportunity for you to perfect your English Language speaking and writing skills. Living in the land where the language indeed originates from leaves you with no choice but to work on your language skills as you will be in constant interaction with native speakers. This will greatly come in handy as you finish your academic studies and head into the real world, where all professions demand a proficient use of English both written and verbal.

Religious Freedom

As early broached upon, the United Kingdom is an awesome place for every race and religion to peacefully coexist due to its highly tolerant society. You will find people from all backgrounds who have lived in this land and some who know no other place as home despite having different beliefs to the Anglican Christian that is the state religion. Muslims, Christians of all denominations, Buddhists, Hindus, Sikhs and even atheists are allowed to free practice their beliefs in a peaceful manner. Once you arrive you might either find a chapel, mosque or temple to worship as close to you as possible.

Entertainment and Sports

The United Kingdom is a fanatic sporting nation with sporting nation that is active in several sports like soccer, cricket, and rugby among others at the highest levels. It is consistently rated as having some of the best teams in all of this sports being a consistent world cup winner in most sporting fields.

When it comes to soccer or European Football, the United Kingdom is its native home and it comes second to none. The English Premier League is unanimously considered the best in the world featuring the biggest stars of the game from all around the world. Soccer is more like an alternate religion in the UK as the people here follow their team’s every step and often escort them to matches to the corners of the earth without tiring. This is a massive industry with so much fun and you might likely catch the bug of football fever if you don’t already have one, once you arrive in the UK.

On the Entertainment field, the UK has produced some of the greatest music and movie stars over time. From the Beetles, to Sean Connery, from Adele to Ed Sheeran, the UK consistently produces great talents that go on to wow on the world stage. Coming to the UK might offer you one or two chances to come up close to some of your stars or attend their concerts in person. You will never have a boring moment as far as entertainment is concerned as long as you are in the UK.

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