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Scholarships and Money in Australia

Scholarship and Money

Tuition fee : Tuition fees are different from one institute to another. The most expensive programs are those which are in engineering and medicine field. The average tuition fees for higher education certificates (certificate, diplomas, advanced diplomas) are between AUS$ 11,000/- to AUS$ 16,000/-. The Bachelor’s Degree tuition fees vary from AUS$ 14,000/- to AUS$ 32,000/-. Master Degree programs are having the highest fare in all and it is between AUS$ 19,000/- to AUS$ 38,000/-. The Doctorate Degree (PhD) has the most funding help and scholarships available which sometimes brings the tuition fees down to AUS$ 13,000/- and the fees can go high as AUS$ 37,000/- without any funding aid. All these figures are a general numbers considering all courses and institutes and are not including the exceptional courses such as veterinary or medical degree and etc.The above fees shown are per annum.

Living costs: The living cost that has been determined for each international students is a fixed amount of AUS$ 18,610 per student per year. If your spouse is accompanying you, you need to add AUS$ 6,515/- per year and for the first child an amount of AUS$ 3,720/- and for every additional child it AUS$ 2,790/-. The actual living cost might be far less than this amount (or in some cases even more!) depending on the lifestyle you pick, so if you need money you can easily save lots of it with doing certain works like cooking and laundry and etc. by yourself.

Scholarships:Scholarships and financial aids are given by Australian government as well as institutions and some private or community sponsors. Students with merit marks, special subjects and less or none profit financial families can apply for these. To get more information regarding all the scholarships, please visit scholarship part of this website.

Government Scholarships:

These scholarships are provided by the Australian government for international students. Some has designed for all the students around the world, some has been offered to selected countries and some are open for some specific program or subject. Some of these scholarships are: The Australian Awards, Endeavor Postgraduate Scholarship Award, Endeavor Executive Fellowship, International Postgraduate Research Scholarship (IPRS).

Private Scholarships:

These types of scholarships are presented from institutes for students with merit marks or from some private company which are investing in some specific area of education. You can find these scholarships almost in every university.

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