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Why study in UK

Being one of the greatest centres of modern civilization and certainly the home of the oldest western universities, the United Kingdom is a study Eden and a dream for every ambitious student around the world. There is no doubt the United Kingdom is among the most popular study destinations in the entire world, due to its historically exceptional high standards and expert specialization that makes them the number one in so many fields of study.

The UK offers the international student with a host of world-class opportunities and institutions of study, some of the world’s greatest men have studied here even though it wasn’t their home country. People like John F. Kennedy, Mahatma Gandhi, and George Soros are all products of the UK’s pristine educational system. British Universities have carved out a name and continue to do so in all areas of study with institutions such as Oxford and Cambridge is synonymous with the highest form of training this planet can offer. There are countless reasons that should convince an international student to pick the UK as their port of study, but few among them include:

Highest Quality of Education

As an international student, what most probably made you leave your home country is not for tourist or recreational reasons. It is to find that quality education that your home system could probably not provide for you. And if it is the quality you are indeed looking for, with the added advantage of history and prestige to follow, then the United Kingdom doesn’t come behind any country in the world as far as education is concerned.

The UK’s educational system is consistently ranked higher than that of the United States, and the academic community here is always abuzz with the latest researches and finding in their respective areas of studies. Of the total number of academic researchers and discoveries, the UK’s Universities and other higher institutions claim up to 5 percent for themselves. And there are hardly any discoveries, past or present that doesn’t cite earlier achievements and discoveries that emanate from this elite centre of education.

Studying in the UK offers you the chance of following in the footsteps of some of the most renowned people in academic circles, as the UK has produced over 100 Nobel Prize winners in all fields over time. And the UK’s students continue to be the source of some of the most cutting-edge ideas and innovations to date.

Highly Regarded Certificates

If you looking for a certificate with maximum acceptance rate wherever you go around the world, then the United Kingdom is just the place for you to study. As far as recognition is concerned, UK’s universities and colleges have o problem whatsoever, and it is very easy to see why as from the top 10 universities in the whole world, the UK has 3 solid representatives. Cambridge University, Oxford and the Imperial College of London are among the elite places of learning around the world and having a degree from any of these and other UK universities will give you a comparative edge against other people with certificates from other countries when seeking for employment.

A Chance to Master the English Language

And where better for you to learn the proper Queen’s English than from the place it originated from? The UK offers you the unique opportunity to become an expert English speaker. Right from your daily interactions in school to your day-to-day activities off it, you have the chance to horn your English speaking skills at every turn. English is the global Language of choice and being able to interact with the most native of English speakers in the world for an extended period of your study will certainly gear up and ready you for whatever challenges the language might present in your professional career.

Wide Field of Studies

Once you land in the UK, the nightmare of having very limited choices as far as the available programs for you to study back home will be a thing of the past. Too many students around the world pay the price of sacrificing their dreams by being forced to study in a field they had absolutely no interest in. The United Kingdom offers you a choice of countless programs to choose from, to put things in perspective the University of Oxford alone offers over 300 unique degree programs to choose from, an extensive list that will leave you spoilt for choice! There will certainly be no course you want to study that you will not find one or two Universities here offering them here.

Quicker End of Programs

A key ingredient that keeps attractive students from all over the world to study in the UK is the opportunity to finish their first degrees within a period of 3 years, compared to the minimum of 4 in most other countries. The UK’s educational system is renowned for its high rate of efficiency and speed.

Opportunity to Visit Places

The UK is a strategic gateway to the rest of Europe, and most student that come here to study take the opportunity to widen their global footprint by visiting mainland Europe on regular basis. Paris for example is less than a few hours away by high speed train which is also highly affordable. And once you are here, you don’t need to apply for fresh visas to visit places like Germany, Italy, France or even Spain as the Britain as of yet is part of the European Union

Part-Time Work

As a fully enrolled international student, you are allowed to work for as much as 20 hours a week during school term and full-time during the holidays to augment your living costs. Most international students take advantage of this not only to help pay the bills but to acquire skills and experiences that might come in handy in the very near future. However it is important to note that part-time work is likely not going to fully pay for your expenses, but it will surely make it easier.

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