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Living in Malaysia

Malaysia is divided into two different regions such as to the west- its Peninsular Malaysia and to the east, it is East Malaysia. Peninsular Malaysia is located in the southernmost part of Malay Peninsula, south of Thailand, east of Indonesian Island Sumatra, and north of Singapore. East Malaysia consists of most of the part of Borneo Island. Malaysia also consists of many tiny little, beautiful looking Islands surrounding the landmasses of both, Peninsular Malaysia and East Malaysia.

Malaysia as a country has a high standard of living. Despite this factor, Malaysia remains one of the few countries which is affordable to live and study. If you are a foodie who loves to try out new cuisine from a variety of different cultures, you are the right place. The food is easily accessible and one can have a two-course meal with a lemonade at just MYR 8-10.

The weather conditions in Malaysia remains uniform throughout most part of the year. With the warm and sunny atmosphere, Malaysia is a great place to live in for people who dislike cold and snowy places. Study destinations like the United States and the United Kingdom, which remains freezing for most of the year, Malaysia has hot and humid climatic conditions. The average rainfall in Malaysia is around 250 centimetres whereas the average temperature is of 27 C, in most part of the country. The regions get two monsoon seasons. One from April to September and the other from October to March.

People in Malaysia are very friendly and receivable in nature. To get to know their culture and tradition, the best and the most effective way is to make friends locally. One can be really amazed to experience the vast diversity and heritage in Malaysia. Islam is the main religion, but one can see diversity in culture and ethnicity. The number of festivals is celebrated with great joy, and people are always welcomed to drop by each other’s house during the time of festivals. The best part being in Malaysia is to get the opportunity to taste varied numbers of cuisine. Just like the diversity among people, they have the diversity in food as well. Whatever your taste might be, whichever cuisine you may like - one can always find it in Malaysia. And the best place to experience food in Malaysia is to visit the street and have food in the open air and in the food courts. With the number of shopping markets and night markets available at walking distance, buying cooking ingredients and groceries is quite easy and affordable. Buying ingredients and edible things are quite cheaper in night markets as compared to the one from superstores or fresh markets.

Being the business hub in South-East Asia, Malaysia has great connections in the region in terms of transport and commute. Discovering neighbouring countries like Thailand and Singapore is quite easy. Kuala Lumpur has an extensive network of both domestic and international flights, with direct routes to Europe, Australia and throughout Asia.

With great highways, one can even choose to drive and explore the scenic beauty of Malaysia. It is quite easy to get a Malaysian license if you already have your driving license from the country you belong to. When it comes to public transport, buses are quite inexpensive and are available at high frequency at regular intervals. One can also hop on the rail network to explore cities like Kuala Lumpur. Even taxis can be preferred if one desires to have convenience and safety over price. It is always advisable to ask the driver to switch the meter on, to avoid any kind fraudulent activities.

It is also important to take a note that the Ministry of Higher Education had made it compulsory for the international students to have their health insurance done through the university. Female students are advised to wear clothes that cover their legs and upper arms to avoid offending local sensibilities. Penalties are quite severe in Malaysia if one is found violating the local laws. In terms of drug abuse, offenders are subject to death penalties as well. Though the fact remains that, Malaysia is a great place to study and live in peace and harmony, with an overall average budget of MYR 1500/month.

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