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International Students in Singapore

Why do students choose to study in Singapore?

Over the years, more and more students are leaving their countries to find quality education abroad. Some countries welcome so many thousand international students annually among which are US, UK, Canada and China. However, certain other countries are beginning to spring into the limelight, promising high standards of education. Singapore falls into this group. Singapore is a developed country with modern facilities as well as a beautiful lifestyle. Known as the “global schoolhouse “, it prides on the high standard of its higher education system that lures international students to come to study and pursue their lifelong dreams. Singapore’s higher education Students are rest assured that their degrees obtained from Singaporean institutions, would compete for anywhere in the world. Singapore shows a keen interest in fostering scientific research in all Fields, students also receive very practical skills and experiences that make them employable. In 2011, Singapore was ranked first in the innovation and competitiveness report by the Innovation and Information Technology Foundation.

What are the different types of Universities in Singapore?

Singapore in the QS world universities ranking in 2012, making it one of the best in Asia. Nanyang technological university and Singapore University of Management are top universities that follow the NUS closely in rank. boasts of six national universities, as well as private universities and foreign universities with campuses resident within the country. The National University of Singapore is the most recognized university in the country. It was ranked 25An amazing things about the universities in Singapore is that they often collaborate with other prestigious universities from around the world to improve the quality of education offered in the universities. This is a major factor why international students are so excited to study in this country. A promise of the high standard of education and rich collaborations is enticing. In 2014, 18% of all students in Singapore were international students. The government has since then been making conscious effort to create more spaces for natives in the schools. However, international students are not shying away from chasing after education in Singaporean universities.

How much is the tuition and living cost in Singapore?

Even though students wish to pursue greater educational opportunities outside their home countries, they often face challenges of tuition and cost of living. Singapore has a high cost of living when compared to other Asian countries due to its large and firm economy. On the other hand, its tuition fees are relatively cheap when compared to other nations. The amount of tuition a student is required to pay usually depends on the school, and course the student is applying for. Most schools have a tuition rate of $10,000. However, some schools and course may require you to pay more than this amount. To help solve this problem of tuition and living costs, Singaporean universities usually provide various types of financial aids for international students. About 50% of international students in Singapore enjoy one form of scholarship or another. The Singaporean Ministry of education offers grants to both domestic and international students who show interest by applying. However, international students that are interested in this grant are required to stay back for 3 years and work for a Singapore-registered company as a way of giving back to the country by using the skills gained during their degree experiences to foster development in the country. Students who studied medicine and dentistry with help from this grant, are required to stay for 5-6 years.

Life in Singapore

Singapore comprises of people from various cultural backgrounds and social experiences. English is the major language in the country, along with supporting languages like Malay, Tamil and Mandarin. This is perhaps one of the numerous reasons international students enjoy studying in the country, they get to learn in English and have the opportunity of getting exposed to other languages and people of different cultures. Singapore is also very successful economically and financially. It is among four nations in Asia called the “Asian Tigers” due to their booming economies. The other nations that fall into this category are Taiwan, Hong-Kong and South Korea. This name was given after these countries witnessed tremendous growth in the later years of the 20th century.

Singapore is also a very organized city-state. Its organization reflects greatly on its transportation system which is almost flawless. With an award-winning airport that provides easy transportation to other countries, a very punctual train system, wide roads and overall impressive transportation system, a lot of opportunities are open for entrepreneurs to venture into businesses with ease. Singapore takes cleanliness seriously and is well known for its no-gum chewing policy so that people don’t litter the environment with this sticky snack. Due to its strict laws about drug use, it boasts of a very low rate of drug use.

What are the Job opportunities for international students in Singapore?

There are many job opportunities for international students who have graduated from a Singaporean university within and outside the country. As an international student who benefitted from the Singaporean government grant, you will have to work in the country for 3-5 years. Students who were not beneficiaries of this grant can work anywhere globally after the completion of their degree program. Most schools in Singapore have a career services department set up to render assistance to students seeking to work full or part-time. Students are also advised to build a great resume that highlights their skills and personal attributes and traits because getting a job in the country depends greatly on personality. Upon getting a job after graduation, international students have to obtain a “work pass” to enable them to continue working in the country. Students still pursuing a degree can also have part-time jobs, as long as they follow the guidelines and stipulated rules of the government of Singapore.

With a lot of development and a great environment, Singapore is definitely a great place to consider pursuing an education in. People from around the world are aware of the limitless opportunities that Singapore is offering and a trooping in, in large numbers, to experience the good life. This has ultimately increased the number of foreigners present in the country. Singapore’s economy seems to be benefiting greatly from the number of immigrants coming in. Its economy is booming and is super promising in a lot of areas, presenting even more opportunities for internationals who are seeking to come in. 

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