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Study option in France

Study option in France

France is the country of monuments, revolution, and culture. France is the most desirable place to study. For the people, France is the capital of shopping, refreshment and traveling. If you are willing to study in France that will be the best decision in your life. The wine city will welcome you with a lot of dreams. Every year many international students come here to get their desired degree. In France, 10% student is an international student from the rest of the countries.

Study programme

France is the world’s leading destinated dream city. France has a highly centralized and organized study programme. Every programme has their individual names as per the France education system basis. France offers graduation, post-graduation, doctorate, and grade Ecoles to the students. The courses which are fashionable for students MBA, IT, Engineering, Fashion, and Art Design, Sciences, Social Science, Law, Economics, Management and Health Science.

Bachelors degree

France is the most leading destination among the international student. France education system follows their most popular LMD system that is Licence- Master-Doctorat. France called bachelors degree licence and for the professional degree they give ‘Licence Profesionnelle’. It takes mostly 3 to 4 years.

Masters degree

After bachelors degree, if anyone wants to do post-graduation, France will be the best option. Masters duration depends on the institutes. Many institutes complete it in 1 year many completed 1.5 - 2 years. Some of the institutes offer integrated Ph.D. programmes which covered masters and research both. France education system has named their master's programme as Taught Masters (M.A, M.Sc, M.ENG) and the other is Research Master (MRes, MA by Research) doctorates and Ph.D.

Doctoral degree

France offering the most desirable doctoral programme. Integrated students get their doctorat and masters degree jointly. Otherwise, most of the universities offer 3 to 4 years of doctoral programmes. They provide world class amenities to the researcher. They organize seminars, workshops, and lectures to upgrade students. It helps academic professionals also.

Grade Ecoles

France has the most prestigious Institute called Grade Ecoles. Highly selective, elite people prefer this school. Top ranking schools are included in this prestigious institute. The subjects offering social science, arts.



Schooling programme


France school system called BEPC (Base d Essais de la petite ). France schools start their schooling programme from 3 years, they have called their kinder garden programme Ecole Maternelle, Ecole primaire to the middle schools and Lycee to the senior high school. After senior school, every stage has their own name. 10th is called seconde, 11th is called premiere and 12th certificate is called Baccalaureate. If you have any dependents it always depends on visa and the immigration process.

France is the most leading place for studies as this country coordinate their education programme so well. Many of the people want to get the education from here. If you have any dilemma give mindset to France.

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