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Study Options in Ireland

Studying abroad is fun and also a very educative and rewarding process, an adventure and an ever to be cherished experience. As an international student planning to study in Ireland, you need to have a basic knowledge of the country, the educational system, the lifestyle and most especially the study option. Ireland is an island in the North Atlantic, it is the third largest island in Europe, politically Ireland is divided into two, the Republic of Ireland named Ireland and Northern Ireland which is part of the United Kingdom. Ireland has a population of about 6.4 million people according to the last census conducted, the capital of the Republic of Ireland is in Dublin while the capital of Northern Ireland is in Belfast.

Many universities in Ireland rank highly in world university rankings and the country is a popular choice destination for international students. A variety of higher education institutions to choose from, it's unique and exciting culture, beautiful scenery and historic cities make Ireland a sought-after learning destination. Higher education in Ireland consists of institutes of technology, specialist colleges, and universities. There are seven public universities in Ireland and fourteen institutes of technology, all its universities are ranked among the worlds top 700 universities, Ireland also has seven private colleges.

One of the top attractions for the students from the UK and US is the common language spoken which is English, both for instructions and for use in everyday life in the community, tuition is free for students from the European Union and the European Economic Area countries, just a contribution towards administration, examinations, and equipment which is €3000.

The number of international students in Ireland since 2012 has risen more than 25%, international student make up to 9% of student's population in Ireland and there are plans set up by the government to increase it to 15% by 2020, international students also create more economic upliftment to the country since they are worth more than €1 billion to the Irish economy. Irish universities are an attraction to international students and are seen as a sophisticated, safe, peaceful English speaking country, with lower program fees than the UK and US. Also, international students can work with their student visa while in school and up to one year after school.

Convinced about making Ireland your preferred study destination, then you need to check out the top 5 ranked universities in the country.


  • Trinity College Dublin: Trinity College is the oldest higher education institution in Ireland, established in 1592, it is ranked 88th in the world, enrolls over 17,000 students and has three faculties, Health Sciences; Engineering, Mathematics, and Sciences; Arts, Humanities, and social sciences
  • University College Dublin: Ranked 168th in the world and the second best in Ireland, the university college also based in the Irish capital is a haven for international students, founded in 1854 and houses over 33000 students. The University consists of over five colleges, thirty-four schools, and eighteen research institutes.
  • National University Of Ireland, Galway: NUI is ranked as the third-best university in Ireland and the 243rd best in the world. Houses over 17000 students and also has a program designed in a way that accommodates international students, the university is based in Galway in the western coast of the country. The University prides itself in teaching atypical courses on podiatry and a bachelor or Masters degree in sports and exercise engineering.
  • University College Cork: Ranked 4th best university in Ireland and 283rd in the world, the UCC was the worlds first university to receive the international green flag for environmental sustainability in 2010. It is based in the city of cork, in the southern part of Ireland.
  • Dublin City University: Dublin City University houses over 17000 students both on campus and student who are in the distance learning education courses. It is ranked 5th in Ireland and ranked 391st in the world. Based on the northern part of the city of Dublin, it is one of the newer universities, it was established in 1975.


Study Options

There are lots of study options on different programs to choose from when considering to study in Ireland, with lots of universities that offer a massive array of courses to choose from.


English Language Courses

There are over 95 English Language Teaching Organizations(ELTOS) in Ireland, and they offer a large variety of courses such as general English, business English, English for Academic or Professional purposes etc. English language schools in Ireland provide a complete package of tuition, extracurricular activities, and accommodation.


Undergraduate Courses

Irish higher education institutions offer undergraduate courses in different programs from engineering to mathematics, medicine, business, and management, digital design, arts, and humanities, food and hospitality, law and even sports engineering.


Post Graduate Courses

Irish universities and institutes of technology also offer degrees in masters and postgraduate studies over a massive range of disciplines, like Masters in Engineering(M.Eng), Masters of Business Administration(MBA), Master of Science(M.Sc) and even Masters of Sports Engineering(M.Se)



The EU's important educational program that empowers 200,000 students to study abroad, every year. Students from the EU, EEA, and turkey have to spend between three to twelve months studying in any Irish higher education institutions as part of their course. Since the beginning of the program over 2 million students have participated in the exchange program.


Global Issues Programs

Ireland provides one of its kind postgraduates offering in the area of international relations(human rights, social activism, migration, diaspora, ethnicity, peace and conflict studies, gender and development).

These programs provide an internationally recognized start to careers that will surely influence the global agenda. The Irish-global issue one year masters program helps graduate students make a difference and also give them the opportunity to influence the world on a global scale.


International students are gaining numbers in Ireland according to latest statistical figures, Royal College of Surgeons which has a reputation for enrolling international student has the highest percentage of EU and non-EU students(57%), followed by the National University of Ireland Galway(15%), Trinity College Dublin(12%), University College Cork(10%), University College Dublin(8%), Dublin City University(9%).

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