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Scholarship and money in Ireland

Scholarship and money in Ireland

When a student decide for study in destination, money is the most important attribute they are thinking about. Students are always looking for some scholarship that will help them balance their financial life. Ireland is a country which is surrounded by the designated country like UK, Canada, USA. So living cost of Ireland is not so pocket friendly. But students do manage all the things and living life happily. The education system is handled by the Govt. of Ireland. So mostly student have to manage their financial fight in between 2 major factors that is tuition fees and accommodation and living cost.

Tuition fees – Ireland is famous for culture of literature, though maximum students comes here for science & technology. Ad joint to UK this country has 9 prestigious university and 15 very famous technical university from the world rankings. As usual Ireland having public university as well as private universities. Most of the public university tuition fees is less than 1000 euro. Most prestigious private institutions are having tuition fees within 7,000- 45,000 euro/ year , for masters courses it is going to like 7,000-37,000 euro /year. Mostly management college charges high.

Living cost- Now coming to the living cost part. It’s a blending of accommodation, household chores, transport fees and all. Most of the universities do provide the accommodation to the students, mostly within the campus. Once you are on the way of visa filling, you should book your accommodation. After that payment should be done on February and September and one month advance. The advance will be refund if you leave. If you want to search accommodation you can check newspaper, estate agents of the cities. You can check details in website a survey roughly estimated amount of living cost of a student in Ireland :

  • Dublin – 1,100-1,800 EURO/ Month
  • Cork- 860- 1,400 EURO / Month
  • Galway and small cities- 800- 1, 100 EURO / Month

Scholarship – There is a lot of scholarship available in Ireland, all the scholarships are given when they find someone really deserving candidate. The government of Ireland takes initiative of funding some of deserving international candidates. The scholarships are –Government of Ireland post graduate scholarship. This scholarship totally based on merit, success rate is 18%. Mainly it is based on research opens in the month of September and applicant can get scholarship amount of up to 16,000 euro per annum. Another one is UCD knowledge transfer masters scholarship offered by government of Ireland for masters in agriculture.

There are a lot of private colleges which is offering very good scholarship programme. Once you applied in the university, they access your profile and if they think you have good potential, then scholarship will reflect on your offer letter.   

So in conclusion we can say that Ireland is serving opportunity in platter. Mostly for the upcoming days. Google’s European headquarter is in Ireland and Dublin is becoming the hub of techies. Data science, artificial intelligence, software, digital platform is in making way. And 2 years post study work visa is like cherry on the cake. In Ireland the unemployment rate is only 4.4%. Most of the people got their desirable job once they complete the education. Now government of Ireland is taking special efforts to increase financial aid for international students who is willing to apply for full time master’s programme or research programme. What else you need!

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