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Study options in Canada

Study options in Canada

Study in nature’s lap is the most natural experience you can have in Canada. The second largest country located in the northern part of North America. For the study options, there are such beautiful places in Canada, Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver as well as Quebec. Those who are looking for study in overseas, definitely Canada will be the most attractive option.  There they can learn from the elite as well as world ranking universities.

Study programme:

Canada can be more exciting options for study with world-class facilities and all modern amenities. In Canada, the study programme is for bachelors, post graduation and doctoral. High school programme is like 10+2. it may vary as Quebec has 10+1 programme.

Bachelor’s degree

Canadian colleges are offering multiple numbers of professional courses. That’s are business, agriculture, and agri-food, health, social services, broadcasting and journalism, hospitality management, design, technology, sciences, information technology, engineering, environment, languages, and arts.

After completing high school, Canada has several programmes for the bachelor's degree. There are three or four years of bachelor's degree. The degree format is like certificate,  after that diploma, 3rd is an advance diploma. If anyone has honors in graduation then they can proceed for a degree or graduate certificate. There are many vocational programmes to upgrade short time career programs.

Masters or post graduation

For the post graduation or masters, Canada offers two years masters programme as graduate diploma and followed by masters (Canadian call this graduation as well). As you will meet your education criteria you can appear for the doctoral programme.


Doctoral programme or Ph.D. programme

If you are interested to take the highest degree of education then Canada is the best choice. If the criteria met that will be the biggest fortune for you. Doctoral degree completed 3 from 3 to 6 years based upon universities. Once you get your doctoral degree you can spread fragrance all around the world. Highly innovative research takes place in the fields of health, nanotechnology, biotechnology, high-performance computing, environmental technologies, nutraceutical.


If you have any dependent with you is no problem at all. There is no problem in school admission if the dependents are under 18years. Parents, guardians, and custodian can take care of and support their minor child over there. Canada is offering elementary and secondary school system. In elementary the level is from 1-6, and secondary education 7-12 (for Quebec its 7-11).

Canadian schooling system does not only excel in studies they also nurturing environment & students by providing counseling, academic and professional advisors, tutorial sessions and extracurricular activities.

Language schools

Language is the most essential part while studying overseas. It helps to connect throughout the world. As Canada is a bilingual country. They use English and French mostly. for improvising your knowledge data, keen interest for language, study, personal development and business you can join language schools along with.

From last few years, Canada becomes an educational hub for international students.  Canada is the best place for exaggerating your profile. Your willingness of study will ensure your exposure to the world.



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