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Location : Ireland ,Carlow

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It is no easy task choosing the right higher education college and programme of study. We invite you to explore the opportunities provided by Institute of Technology Carlow. We pride ourselves on our strong sense of community and excellence in higher education and research.  Our focus is on your academic, personal and professional achievement.  We believe the strong and supportive environment provided by our dedicated staff will allow you to achieve your greatest potential.  

Our courses are relevant to the real opportunities in the employment marketplace.   We work closely with employers to maintain the relevance and quality of our programmes, which will ensure you are at the forefront of new and advanced knowledge, research and technologies.  



New applications for 2019/20 will open on October 1st 2018


Colleges Ontario

Colleges Ontario has signed a unique agreement with Institutes of Technology Ireland (IOTI) that allows Ontario College students to complete honours degree programs in Ireland. Applications will be invited from Colleges Ontario graduates who wish to pursue honours degree programmes in IT Carlow in the next academic year.

Application Process

On receipt of your application form and supporting documentation your application will be reviewed by the relevant Head of Department. When a decision is made about your application a conditional offer will be issued together with an invoice for the appropriate fee. Upon receipt of this fee the Institute will issue a formal letter of offer, which can be used to obtain or renew your study visa.


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