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AAArya Business College Pte Ltd is where our students begin their lifelong learning journey.Our students are exposed to the drive towards attaining a learning mindset that enhances their knowledge, skills and attitude. AAArya Business College Pte Ltd is committed towards providing quality services and courses by experienced and dedicated educators. We believe in nurturing every student and creating opportunities for career development. The learning you will receive is intended to provide you with skills and knowledge that will enable the realization of your learning goals.

At AAArya Business College Pte Ltd, we consistently encourage and guide our students in achieving vocational, academic and social skills applicable in their future endeavors. We aim to create a conducive learning environment through committed staff, low teacher:student ratioof 1 : 18and up-to-date facilities and equipment. On behalf of AAArya Business College Pte Ltd’s Board of Directors, welcome to the beginning of learning journey to success. 

Registration Validity Period 04-05-2017 to 03-05-2018



Step 1: Pre-Course Counselling

All prospective students are encouraged to contact our Account Manager or appointed agents for a pre-course counselling session if they would like to enroll for a course with AAArya Business College Pte Ltd.  The purpose of this session is for us to address the needs of students of our college.

Step 2: Application Submission
Please complete the Student Application Form and include the following supporting documents:

  1. 2 recent colored passport-sized photographs of applicant
  2. Applicant’s Photocopy of Identity Card / Passport and Working Permit (photocopy of both side)
  3. Applicant’s Certified True Copies of Academic Transcripts (e.g. "N" and/or "O" level results slip)
  4. Applicant’s Certified True Copies of testimonials from your school or employer

Students are required to pay an application fee of S$200 which is non-refundable and non-transferable.

Step 3: Application Evaluation

AAArya Business College Pte Ltd will process and evaluate all Applications and acceptance is subjected to approval. Upon successful evaluation of the Application, students will receive an official “Letter of Acceptance”. Applicants who are unsuccessful will be notified by our Course Consultant.

Step 4: Acceptance of Offer

Applicants who wish to proceed with their Application will have to complete the following before the Commencement of their course:

  • Submitted a signed and completed copy of the Advisory Note (Form 12)
  • Submitted a signed and completed copy of the Standard PEI Student Contract
  • Prospective students should be aware of the Fee Protection Scheme (FPS) and the Refund Policy as contained in the Standard PEI-Student contract.


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