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Living in Singapore

Singapore, a small diamond shape like an island, is a heavily built-up state in South East Asia. It is located at the tip of Malayan Peninsula and lies in between Malaysia and Indonesia. Living conditions are amongst the best in Singapore, with state of the art education, sports and recreational activities around. Singapore has the highest quality in standards of living in South East Asia, with all the luxury and daily necessities readily available for all of the age group. Located around the equator, Singapore typically has tropical climatic conditions, with uniform temperature, abundant rainfall and high humidity throughout the year. Singapore’s climate is characterized by two monsoon seasons. The North East monsoon befalls from December to March, and South West monsoon occurs from June to September. Major rainfalls are expected during the North East monsoon season. The annual rainfall recorded in Singapore is of 2329 mm annually over the number of years. The temperature in Malaysia hovers around the range of 25 ⁰C to a maximum of 32 ⁰C.

Singapore is a country of diversified religions and traditions. Though Islam is the official religion in the region, people of different religions like Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism and Chinese, also contribute largely towards the overall population of Singapore. Festivals like Thaipusam, Hungry Ghost Festival, Moon Fest, Hari Raya Puasa, Chingay Parade, Deepavali, Chinese New Year and Christmas, are celebrated with great joy and enthusiasm all around Singapore.

The transformation from a business hub to a buzzing network as soon as the sun goes down is just amazing to see. International students in Singapore always falls in love with the nightlife in the country. For many people who hustle all throughout the day, bursting through the night is a stress buster for everyone in the country.

Getting around in Singapore is quite easy, comfortable and convenient. The MRT subway system if the most efficient, comfortable and quickest way to commute to Singapore. The MRT system operates from 5.30 AM in the morning to midnights. There are trains in every two to three minutes during the peak times of the day, and every five to seven minutes during regular time periods.

A single trip on the subway costs around Singapore $1.40 to $2.50. However, for students who are going to stay in the country for a longer period of time, they can buy EZ-link cards and can pay by simply swiping it every time they decide to commute. These cards can be purchased at the MRT stations for Singapore $12. Hence making the commute more hassle free, as you don’t need to stand in long queues each and every time. These cards can also be purchased at 7-Eleven stores, which are available in high frequency all around the country. Once expired these cards can again be topped up with ATM cash machines placed at the train stations. The maximum amount you can recharge the card with is Singapore $500, and a minimum of $10.

One can always use other modes of transport like taxis and buses. Travelling in taxis can be a bit more expensive as compared to trains and buses. Also, the surcharges at times get to difficult to understand, and thus one can end up paying more during the nights. With the high frequency of flights available both internationally and domestically, one can always choose air travel for long distances and to visit neighbouring countries like Malaysia, Indonesia and Europe.

Vast diversity, friendliness, safety, low crime rates, great educational facilities and well renowned international campuses from all around the globe have attracted large numbers of students on the land of Singapore. Being beautiful, diverse and a vibrant place to live, Singapore universities ensures that students excel in their respective field of interest. And because Singapore has proven its superiority in the field of education, employers are attracted towards the local and international universities, and students get ample of opportunities to get hired by the big names in the corporate world. Thus making Singapore one of the most desirable locations for students to complete their higher education, and use the knowledge gain as the launching pad in their careers.

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