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Location : Singapore ,Singapore

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Birmingham Academy Pte Ltd, RBN200306960N, was incorporated on 23rd July 2003. It is officially registered, according to Singapore Statutory Requirement, with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA).

It is also registered with the Ministry of Education as a private school according to the Singapore Private Education Act in July 2003.

In September 2010, Birmingham Academy has successfully migrated and registered, via the Enhanced Registration Framework (ERF) as a Private Education Institution (PEI), with the Committee for Private Education (CPE).

Through Birmingham’s intense improvement and refining effort, currently:

1. It is one of the schools which have the Student Fee Protection Scheme (FPS), partnering with at least one of CPE appointed FPS providers.

2. It is one of the established schools which have obtained the EduTrust Certification.

3. It is one of the established schools which provide opportunities for Singaporeans and International Students to achieve academic excellence through our preparatory courses, language courses, certificate courses, diploma courses and others higher learning courses.

4. It is one of the providers of Government School Preparatory programs. Over the years, we have successfully placed a number of our students into government school in Singapore.

5. It managed by a group of professionals with highly respected academic background and areas of specialization.



Registration Validity Period 14-10-2015 to 13-10-2019



Application Procedure

Step 1:         Prospective Students –         make enquiry to school.

Step 2:         Prospective Students will be given a pre-course counselling and receives information according to the School’s Pre- course Counselling Checklist on (include but not limited to):
About Birmingham Academy
Course Counselling, Course Details, and Admission requirements
Standard Student Contract, Fee Protection Scheme, Medical Insurance
School Policies & Procedures
Relevant Singapore laws especially those relating to ICA and Ministry of Manpower (MOM), etc

Step 3:         Interested Students
Apply to school and fill up Course Application Form and Pre- course Counselling Checklist and provide all required documents.

Step 4:         School
Confirm Student meets minimum entry requirement of the course

Step 5:         Interested Students
Make Payment for Course Application Fee

Step 6:         School
Issue Letter of Conditional Acceptance
Process Student’s Pass Application

Step 7:         Interested Student
Submit Student’s Pass application
Pay ICA Student’s Pass processing fee

Step 8:         Upon IPA of Student’s Pass Application, School
Inform student

Step 9:         Upon IPA of Student’s Pass Application, Confirmed student
Sign Advisory Note and Student Contract and other relevant forms with School

Step 10:         Confirmed student


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