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Location : Singapore ,Singapore

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Curtin University is a vibrant, forward-thinking, innovative university where you can move forward in your chosen career.

The University has a strong, international focus, with campuses in Perth, Singapore and Malaysia, offering internationally recognised courses that prepare you to work in the competitive global market.

Delivering its programs in Singapore since 1986, Curtin took its relationship with Singapore one step further when we inaugurated our Curtin Singapore campus in 2008.

The  S$20 million campus is located in the heart of Singapore city and offers our students a conducive and safe study environment. The campus has the following facilities, and intends to continuously improve and introduce new facilities in the years to come.

  • 10 lecture theatres
  • 36 classrooms equipped with AV equipment
  • A lush landscaped campus
  • Basketball court
  • BBQ pit
  • Canteen
  • Car park
  • Clinical laboratory
  • Common study room
  • Four computer labs
  • Fully WiFi enabled campus
  • Gymnasium
  • Mac lab
  • Medical bay
  • Prayer room
  • Shower facilities
  • Student counselling room
  • Student discussion rooms
  • Student lounge
  • Well-equipped library which is also e-connected to Curtin Perth



Australia Year 11 with minimum average of 50% From ATAR 50 or equivalent Foundation Year grades From ATAR 70
Brunei GCE ‘O’ Level with minimum four passes Minimum two points from two GCE ‘A’ Level Minimum five points from two GCE ‘A’ Level and three GCE ‘O’ Level passes
Canada Year 11 with minimum average of 50% Year 12 Ontario with minimum average of 55% from 6 academic units Completion of a Provincial High School Diploma with minimum average of 60% or better in Year 12
China Senior Middle 2 (Gao Er) with minimum average of 70% OR Hui Kao with minimum average of 60% Senior Middle 3 (Gao San) with minimum average of 70% from four academic subjects. Successful completion of the National College Entrance Examination (NCEE) (also known as Gao Kao) and obtain an aggregate of the required individual subjects which is equivalent to 67% of the overall maximum score, or a grade of 322/480,402/600, 503/750, 543/810 or 603/900.
Hong Kong Form 5 with a minimum average of 50% HKDSE with minimum 10 points from four Category A subjects HKDSE minimum 15 points from the best five subjects with minimum grade 4 in English Language.
India India Senior School 10+1 with a minimum average of 50% India Senior School 10+2 with a minimum average of 55% Successful completion of the Indian School Certificate (ISC) awarded by Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE) with a grade average of at least 60% from the best four subjects OR all India Senior School Certificate awarded by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) with a grade average of 60% in the best four subjects.
Indonesia Ijazah Sekolah Menengah Atas (SMA) 2 with minimum average of 7.0 SMA 3 (school exam) and completion of UNAS (national exam) with minimum average of 60% Successful completion of Ijazah Sekolah Menengah Atas (SMA) (Certificate of Completion from Academic Senior Secondary School) with an overall average grade of at least 71%.
International Baccalaureate (IB) Year 1 of International Baccalaureate Minimum of 21 points over six IB Subjects in one sitting (average 3.5 on 1-7 scale) Full International Baccalaureate with a minimum total of 24 point from six subjects at one sitting. Three of the subjects must be at the higher level, and one of the six subjects should be English. Results from Retake subjects are acceptable. International students can submit and be assessed on their predicted IB results, however students must provide their formal award certificate prior to the trimester teaching census date.
Japan Kotogakko Year 2 with minimum average 60% Kotogakko Certificate with minimum GPA 3 Successful completion of first year of a Gakushi (bachelor degree) at a recognised institution or Certificate of Graduation awarded by a recognised technical/vocational college.
Korea High School Year 2 with Rank 5 High School Year 3 with Rank 6 Completion of Academic Secondary School Certificate with a score of 300 (75%) in the National University Entrance Examination (College Scholastic Ability Test) (CSAT) or completion of the first year of a four-year bachelor.
Macau Senior Middle 2 with minimum average of 60% Senior Middle 3 with minimum average of 70% from four academic subjects. Minimum five points from two GCE ‘A’ Level and three GCE ‘O’ level passes.
Malaysia Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM), Form 5 OR Unified Examination Certificate (UEC) with minimum four passes Sijil Tinggi Persekolahan (Malay medium) (STPM) with minimum CGPA/NGMP of 2 from two relevant subjects (no grade less than C or NGMP 2.00) OR two points from two General Certificate of Education Advanced Level (GCE A Level) OR one point GCE A Level and one point GCE Advanced Subsidiary Level (AS Level) OR UEC with two grade B and two grade C. Two STPM passes with minimum one grade B and one grade C+ and three SPM credit passes OR UEC 15 points aggregated from the best five academic subjects excluding languages.
Myanmar Matriculation Examination with minimum average 55% Cert IV from YIUS or EduLink Successful completion of two years full-time study of a three years Bachelor degree (in in arts, economics, commerce and management, foreign languages, and science (including computer science)) at a Section 1 Higher education institution listed on AEI CEP OR Successful completion of one year full-time study of a four years Bachelor degree (in community health, education, law, nursing, paramedical sciences, pharmacy, technology (including computer technology and nautical technology)) at a Section 1 Higher education institution listed on AEI CEP.
Singapore GCE ‘O’ Level with minimum four passes Minimum two points from two GCE ‘A’ Level GCE ‘A’ level, completion of at least two ‘H2’ level passes (minimum five points)
Taiwan Senior Middle 2 with minimum average of 60% from five subjects Senior High School Diploma with minimum average of 70% Completion of the National Taiwan University Entrance Examination OR successful completion of the first year of a four-year Bachelor degree from a recognised institution.
Thailand Matayom 5 with minimum GPA 2.5 Matayom 6 (or Certificate of Secondary Education) with minimum GPA 2.0 Successful completion of one year full-time study of a four years Bachelor degree at one of the Section 1 Higher Education institutions listed on AEI CEP OR successful completion of one year full-time study of a four years Bachelor degree with at least Grade of 3.0 (or Good or Grade B) out of 4.0 at one of the Section 2 Higher Education institutions listed on AEI CEP.
United States HSD with minimum GPA 2.0 HSD & SAT with minimum score of 1300 OR American College Test (ACT) with minimum score of 17 United States High School Diploma or a High School Diploma based on a US curriculum with a GPA of 3.0 out of 4.0 (or an average grade of B) and a Total score (Evidence-based Reading and Writing section and Math section) of at least 1000 out of 1600 in the SAT from the same sitting, a minimum of 400 in Evidence-based Reading and Writing section, and 400 in Math section is required OR a composite score of 21 or better in the ACT.
Vietnam Year 11 with minimum average 6.0 Year 12 (Tot nghiep Trung hoc Pho thong) with grade 6.0 average Completion of the Bang Tu tai or Bang Tot nghiep Pho thong Trung hoc (Vietnamese Upper Secondary School Graduation Diploma) with at least 8.00 in the score for graduation evaluation (Provisional High School Graduation Certificate


Property rental, where you rent a complete vacant property, furnished or unfurnished. This is ideal if you arrive in Singapore and are willing to move in with friends or other students. This accommodation choice is best made after your arrival in Singapore only as it may take a few days before you move in. It makes sense to form a group of those willing to take up a whole unit and then view options at hand. The general costs involved with this includes one month rental refundable deposit, one month rental upfront and a half month towards an agent commission. You may make enquiries for this at the Accommodation desk during Orientation.


  • Generally ranges from S$2000 to S$5000/- for 2-3 bedroom units

Room rental, where you take a room at a property where other people already live. You may be living with students, families or others who live nearby and have a spare room. Property rental or share housing can be furnished or unfurnished and may or may not include expenses such as electricity. You may choose to have your own room or share your room with another person.

We have a list of possible room rentals, and we can help you find one during Orientation.


  • Single room: S$800 to S$1800
  • Shared room: S$600 to S$900

Note: There is a good range of accommodation near the campus. Quality ranges from new luxury, to older and more basic housing. Of course this will be reflected in the price along with convenience, security, etc. If you pay at the upper end, you would expect a newer house with your own bathroom. Despite the occasional bargain very little reasonable single room accommodation can be found for less than S$800 per month.

Homestay, where you generally live with a family and meals are provided. This option is always furnished with expenses included.


  • S$900 – S$2000


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