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ERC Institute (ERCI) was established in 2003 by ERC Holdings (ERC) to provide education with a difference and raise the bar in education services in Singapore. ERC Holdings was founded by a group of successful Asian entrepreneurs in 1999 to cultivate a strong entrepreneurial culture in Asia.

Our primary objective is to groom and mentor a new generation of business leaders equipped with skills to analyze and solve real world business challenges of today.

ERC Holdings and ERCI work closely with government bodies, such as the Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA) and Singapore Tourism Board (STB). Up till 2006, ERC Holdings was a “LEAP Partner” of Economic Development Board (EDB) in appreciation of efforts to accelerate the growth of enterprises and industries in Singapore.

We have produced ideas and leaders that shape the world of business. Our hands on, market-based approach to business education transforms our students into confident, effective, respected business leaders equipped to analyze and solve real world business challenges. We bring the market to the classrooms.

Reasons to study at ERC Institute

  • Student Activities – All Students will be given the chance to enroll into our free workshops that are designed to prepare them to integrate into the international business environment after their graduation in ERCI. These skills are essential for them to perform and excel as managers and leaders in the global economic context.
  • Practical Curriculum – At ERCI, we believe in imparting more than just academic theory. Our academic curriculum is infused with practical know-how and the wisdom and experience of our pool of world-class CEOs who sit on our Board of Directors and Advisors. As a result, we coach our students to be entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and business owners.
  • Industry Partnerships – ERCI has formed many strong and lasting industry partnerships over the years. As a result, students benefit from mentorships with industry leaders.
  • Partnerships with Overseas Universities: University of Chichester (UK), University of Wolverhampton (UK) and Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
  • Proximity to City Centre: ERCI is located near the Singapore Indoor Stadium in the city centre.
  • Easily Accessible: ERCI is located at 229 Mountbatten Road, Mountbatten Square, #01-30, Singapore 398007, which is easily accessible by public transport. ERCI is located right next to the Mountbatten MRT station.
  • Multicultural Student Body – ERCI’s international student population hail from countries all over the world, such as China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, Thailand and Vietnam.

ERCI is all about helping you discover your inner potential as an entrepreneur, intrapreneur or business owner. No matter what your qualifications are, we have academic programmes to suit students at all levels. Our students have graduated from our unique academic and mentoring programmes in Business & Entrepreneurship, Financial Services and Tourism & Hospitality Management academies. Discover how you too, can benefit from our academic programmes



Admission criteria depends on courses you apply.



  Students are advised to make their own arrangements prior to arriving in Singapore but temporary accommodation can be arranged while you find something more suitable for the remainder of your stay here in Singapore. Lodging is relatively easy to find in Singapore and we will provide our expert local opinions and recommendations to ensure you are nicely settled in. Hostels These hostel accommodations specially cater to the needs of International students for them to live in a cozy environment conducive to their learning needs. These hostels are located near to ERCI and are equipped with many new and exciting facilities consisting of cafes, recreational corners, sports facilities and Internet access.  

Co-sharing of apartments

Students can choose to co-rent a 2 or 3-room flat or an apartment. The estimated rental for a room varies from $350 - $650, depending on whether it is a public or private apartment. Public housing refers to Housing Development Board (HDB) flats and each housing estate is designed to be a self-contained neighbourhood served by supermarkets, food centres, clinics, schools, libraries and shopping malls. Private housing would normally be in condominiums with luxurious facilities like swimming pool, tennis courts and 24-hour security patrol. Be it public or private housing, the rental depends on the size, condition and location of the apartment. Other determining factors include amenities (laundry, cooking facilities, telephone, electricity, water) and flat furnishings.  


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