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Singapore College Of Traditional Chinese Medicine



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Singapore Traditional Chinese Medicine Institute is sponsored by the Singapore Chinese Medical Association, the main recruit adult students to academic education and continuing education as the basic form of education to cultivate high-level Chinese medicine talent-based institutions. School running has gone through 63 years of history, cultivating more than 3,000 senior Chinese medicine professionals, for the improvement of people's health in our country made outstanding contributions. The college has an excellent school ethos of "cautiousness and diligence", emphasizes a good style of study of "rigorous scholarship and moral integrity", and follows the law of "classical Chinese reading and multi-clinical training" of Chinese medicine professionals so that the talents trained not only have solid theoretical foundation but also Has strong clinical practice ability, by the community's widespread.

  Recalling the history of our school is full of difficulties and twists and turns, unite with generations of Singaporean Chinese unremitting efforts and hard work. 1953 Singapore Chinese Medical Association founded the Singapore Chinese medicine school, which is the beginning of our school, until 1976 changed its name to Singapore College of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Our hospital to train senior Chinese medicine personnel, promote Chinese medicine, for the benefit of the general public for the purpose. Over the past 60 years, overcome numerous difficulties, from small to large, keep pace with the times. Our hospital also attaches importance to exchanges and cooperation with the well-known institutions of higher learning of Chinese medicine in the world. Such as Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine, Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine co-organized courses. In addition to hiring local senior teachers, it also cooperates with many famous Chinese medicine universities and hospitals abroad to hire their professors to give lectures. At the same time, also invited well-known local university scholars, serving western medicine for students teaching Western medicine. Nowadays, the college has won not only the approval of the Ministry of Health, CPE statutory registration (four years), four-year EDUTRUST certification, and ISO 9001 international certification, thus gaining a good social reputation and extensive international influence.Looking forward, Singapore College of Traditional Chinese Medicine is full of confidence. We will develop postgraduate education based on the advanced professional diploma of Chinese medicine and undergraduate Chinese medicine education. We will actively expand the continuing education and deepen the teaching reform. We will strive to build our hospital into a center of excellence in teaching, The coordinated development of quality and efficiency, the region's best Chinese medicine education institutions. Thus further promoting the development of Chinese medicine in our country and making more contributions to improving the general public's health.



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