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Stalford Academy, founded in 2009, is managed by the same Management Team that manages 15 Stalford Learning Centres across Singapore.At Stalford Academy, we are convinced that a highly effective teaching pedagogy should involve the seamless assimilation of the teaching and curriculum teams. Our strong belief of the pedagogy has attracted many qualified and experienced tutors who are also dedicated to the same belief, to join Stalford Academy and propel it towards excellence. With our reiteration on harmonization of actual teaching with the structured curriculum, we believe our students can completely concentrate on their learning, and leave the rest to us.

Always putting our students first, Stalford Academy also goes beyond academic excellence to oversee the welfare of the students by ensuring that they are also well equipped with the necessary facilities and amenities to complement their learning needs. Further, with Stalford Academy being conveniently located close to the heartland, student’s needs for accessibility to amenities are well taken care of. With our optimal average teacher-student ratio standing at 1:25 (1:40 for ‘O’ Level courses), our students can expect full-fledged attention and assistance from their tutors. The sum of these elements forms the equation of what is indeed a truly exciting educational experience that will bring out the best in learners like you

VISION :Deliver quality education to learners from all walks of life.

MISSION :Nurture students to be active lifelong learners and prepare them for key national and international examinations.

Stewardship :We are fully committed to the careful and responsible management of Stalford Academy; always dedicated to bringing Stalford Academy and our students to greater heights.

Teamwork :We are committed to succeeding as an organisation. We highly value our staff and their unique talents. We show appreciation for one another’s commitments and contributions to deliver quality education.

Accountability & Integrity :We pledge to be responsible for our decisions and actions. We will be honest and truthful in our conduct, sustaining fairness in our practices.

Learning for Life :We believe that learning is a lifelong process. We strive to inculcate a passion for learning amongst our students and staff to help achieve their maximum potential.

Fostering Friendships :We promise to be trustworthy learning partners, striving to create a warm and friendly learning environment.

Open Communications :We actively and openly communicate with our customers, students and staff to promote mutual understanding.

Respect for Individuals :We promise to give our customers, students and staff the highest degree of respect, and believe that every student has the potential to achieve their goals.

Determination to Succeed :We will put in our best effort to motivate our students and staff to strive for excellence..



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