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TCMHC was set established by a group of registered TCM Practitioners in 2008, with a strong vision to increase awareness for Traditional Chinese Medicine and promote one’s health through the use of Chinese Medicine. In 2013, TCMHC registered with Committee for Private Education (CPE) and was awarded 4 years CPE status in 2014 . Established under the Private Education Act, the Committee for Private Education (CPE) is a statutory board sanctioned with the legislative power to regulate the private education sector.  In addition to its role as the sectoral regulator of private education institutions (PEIs), the CPE facilitates capability development efforts to uplift standards in the local private education industry

TCMHC has specially developed Traditional Chinese Medicinal and Healthcare related courses for the general public. We are also an ITEC-awarded Centre offering a number of ITEC Courses. ITEC is a leading international specialist examination board, providing quality qualifications in many areas. Our ITEC Courses include ITEC Level 3 Diploma in Holistic Massage, ITEC Level 3 Diploma in Diet and Nutrition for Complementary Therapists and ITEC Level 3 Diploma in Lymphatic Drainage Massage.

TCMHC also offers many patented courses. Our patented and peer-reviewed courses are based on a unique “Fusion” of TCM best medicinal practices, and periodically reviewed by our Management and Academic and Examination Boards. The main long-term courses that TCMHC currently promotes include the Certificate in Traditional Chinese Massage Course (Chinese) and Certificate in Introductory Course to Traditional Chinese Medicine (Chinese). The latter is offered at Basic, Elementary, Intermediate, and Advanced levels. Nevertheless, short-term courses such as TCM Medicinal Dietary and TCM Health and Cultivation course are also readily available. Through the different courses that our Center provides, students will learn the theories of various subjects and will be put through practical lessons to fully understand and apply the basic knowledge in TCM. Our lecturers are fully-qualified to teach, possessing a unique blend of industry and clinical experience in their relevant TCM fields. In terms of facilities, TCMHC possesses world-class facilities with state-of-the-art technology. Our IT and TCM operational apparatuses are geared towards providing both a conducive environment and beautiful learning experience for our students.

OUR VISION :To be a forerunner and leader in the local and regional TCM training arena. By presenting quality deliverables to clients and bring upon a wide spectrum of healthy lifestyle in the fusion manner (modern scientific health knowledge coupled with traditional TCM culture).

To maximize human potential through quality imparting of integrated health knowledge;
Lead the TCM and Healthcare training industry with best practices and desirable outcomes;
Continue to be creative and innovative in content offerings and deliveries.




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