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Why study in France

One of the oldest and largest nation France finds in fashion, cuisine and fine arts. Not only in the trending part, but  France also  has the most historical and economic background as well for French revolution. Beauty and historical ambiences amaze people. It not only have the historical and economical place, but also enriched with culture itself. The famous painter Leonardo Da Vinci painted his famous creation “Monalisa” and  marked France in world.   The oldest  University,  University of Bologna standing as evidence of changing decades. Most of the student interested study in France, before applying, here  it is the quick review of why people choose France over any other countries!!


Educational quality -. France offers graduation, post-graduation, doctorate, and grade Ecoles to the students. The courses which are fashionable for students MBA, IT, Engineering, Fashion, and Art Design, Sciences, Social Science, Law, Economics, Management and Health Science. Most of the students all around the world is fascinates about study in country like France. Though the language is the problem in this country because maximum courses are taught in French language, but positive side is you can learn a new global language.


Government policy – France education minister is more concern about education system. In recent budget education category receive 20% of annual budget. This is the 4th most populat country in the world where people want to study, the education framework is planning to increase number of courses and and the university, infact they are planning to increase classes taught by English. That will help lots of student all around the world for communications also.


Living expenses- living expenses always depends upon how you lead your life. If you are manage your living style then you can save lots of your penny, that can help you and makes you explorer, if you live in Paris, Lyon and Marseille the cost will be very high, if you manage to live in outside of this, the living cost can go down. The cost of living will takes 2,300-4,100(euro),depends whatever you are taking for living and the other expenses will around 235-240 (euro) per month. The Marche d’ alisre is the cheapest and busiest market in France.


Economy- France economy is very strong. France is world’s highest wine producer.they export through out the world.


Tourism -France is one of the most beautiful and well architect country. Many architecture and monuments are sure make you fall in love with. The iconic Eiffel tower is the one of the landmark of world heritage. Louvre Museum, Royal palace of versallies, Mont saint Michel and many more are there to amuse you. You can explore all without paying much for visa.


Work while study-students who are searching work while study, France can be the good option for it. If you have bachelors degree they can apply for work permit. students with master degree can apply for temporary resident permit (APS), for period of 24 months.


Most of the QS world university ranking universities are in France. Nearly 10 university is get QS world ranking. France health insurance helpful for the international students. This quick review will definitely help you to taking forward your study in France.


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