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Study options in Czech Republic

Study options in Czech Republic

Interlocking with castles Czech Republic is one of the oldest Country of Europe. Admiring scenic beauty, majestic castles are the best part of this country. Czech Republic also known as Czechia. The bohemian culture will welcome you with lot of hope. The Prague, the capital is famous for one of the oldest tourist place of Europe. The famous  Charles University in Prague is the oldest university in Europe. That makes sense how educated people lived there.

Study options

 Though Czech Republic have all the degree courses, but famous for their engineering courses. Czech offers Architecture, Engineering, Humanities and Art and Design.   In terms of education Czech has all public, state and private colleges and universities.

Bachelor’s degree programme(first cycle degree)

Bachelors degree or Tertiary education have 3 types, Professional schools for diplomas and engineering. Non- university higher education institutions for the undergraduate people and the research universities for educating throughout the doctoral level. The course credit system based on European credit system. In Czech Bachelors degree signifies as (Bc) and Bachelors of Arts signifies as (BcA).

For vocational training or working professionals, they delivered “Vyucni list” after 3 years of training and “Vysvedceni o maturini” after 4 years of training.

Masters or post graduation programme (second cycle degree)

After bachelors degree post graduation degree takes 1 to 3 years to complete degree. For the courses like law, medical, pharmacy, and veterinary medicine took long 4 to 6years directly from secondary education.

Ph.D or Doctoral programme (Third cycle degree)

Czech offers one of the best facility for Ph.D. for this students have to complete their bachelors and masters in relevant subject. Mostly it takes time 3 years to 6yrs to complete doctorate. Strong approach of the thesis will lead you to enhance your work opportunity more.

Schooling programme

Czech Republic have their schooling programme as primary and secondary. Primary education is compulsory  for everyone. primary education age is from 6 – 15 years. Secondary education deals with 2 types of education, general education which system focused on university degree and technical system which focused on technical guidelines.

Now- a-days Czech Republic becomes one of the famous destination for student of all around the world. People who love nature, mystery with historical places and the discoveries surely make their debut in this country.

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