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We pride ourselves on our courses, designed to give you more choice, better access to education and a clear pathway to career success. Wellington Institute of Technology is a leading provider of quality tertiary education and training programmes. We take pride in the fact that our courses are designed to equip students with the skills they need to pursue rewarding careers in industry and commerce.

WelTec certificates, diplomas, degrees and graduate diplomas are NZQA-accredited. We also offer City and Guilds and other international qualifications so your qualification will be well-recognised - both in New Zeland and overseas.



Entry Requirements

At WelTec, we want our students to be successful in their programme of study and gain their qualification. One of the ways we do this is to have Programme Entry Requirements. These are set for each programme, so that students admitted have the appropriate prerequisite skills and knowledge and are set up to succeed.

What are Entry Requirements? 
Entry requirements can be a number of things such as:

Academic Requirements
This is the formal study you can complete while at secondary school such as: 

  • NCEA with unit standards completed in literacy, numeracy and other areas
  • Previous school qualifications such as School Certificate or UE.
  • Other school qualifications.

English Language Requirements
To ensure our students can achieve in their chosen programme, you need a reasonable standard of English.

You will likely meet this requirement if you did your schooling in New Zealand or you did your schooling at a school where English was the language used to teach you.
For some students, you will have done an English Language test such as IELTS. This can be used to show you met the English Language requirements.
If you are unsure if you meet the English Language requirements, you can talk with a Student Advisor. 

Other Entry Requirements
There may be extra requirements for a programme because of the study required. Examples of these extra requirements include a police check, employment or access to a workplace, personal physical capability to complete the programme, a driver’s licence, a portfolio of work, and/or age because of the legal requirements such as 18 years old to be working in some areas of the hospitality industry.

Special Entry
If you don’t meet the academic and/or English Language requirements for the programme you could be eligible to apply for special entry.

If the Head of School is satisfied you are capable of undertaking the programme, you may be permitted to enrol.

To be admitted under special entry, you will be expected to demonstrate that you have the skills and knowledge to undertake the programme. That could mean that you have relevant experience such as working in industry and have gained practical skills and knowledge of how things are done.
To be given special entry, you will be asked to show evidence such as:

  • Other qualifications not stated in the entry criteria
  • Successful completion of a pre-entry test
  • Employment experience
  • Skills and knowledge gained through personal interests and experiences, or community involvement
  • Referee’s or advisor’s report
  • Applicant’s statement of personal competencies
  • Interview with teaching staff
  • PEP interview 

Some programmes may have a selection process when there are more applications than places available on a programme.

The most usual process for choosing the students is on a date-received basis where applications meeting the entry requirements are accepted in the date order received.


Accommodation Options for International Students

It is really important to make your accommodation arrangements in Wellington before you leave your home country. 

As part of our service to International Students, WelTec International is available to help you with your accommodation needs and to assist you to settle into whatever type of accommodation best suits your situation. 

Read below for information about short- and long-term accommodation options, including: WelTec-approved Homestay, WelTec Student Apartments (222 Willis),  Short-term temporary accommodation options, and advice on renting a private apartment or house in Wellington.

Estimated Cost of Living in Wellington for a student (One Year)

Accommodation & Utilities (power & internet)


Food – eating out, markets and supermarket


Personal Expenses (clothing, recreation, other)


Textbooks & supplies


Total Estimated Living Cost (per academic year)



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