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Location : Australia ,Australian Capital Territory

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CIT is based in Australia’s capital city and has been serving its community for more than 85 years.CIT has an international outlook and is pleased to have agreements with like-minded institutions around the world. We have welcomed thousands of international students from over 90 countries in the past decade. CIT offers international student visa holders over 100 courses ranging from certificates through to bachelor degrees. Our internationally recognised courses offer practical experience, not just theory, so you graduate with invaluable industry skills and enterprise connections.

Canberra offers students a unique study experience. Ranked 37th on the QS World University Rankings for Cities, Canberra attracts students from all over the world who also enjoy the relaxed lifestyle and high culture of Australia’s capital. With an abundance of educational and cultural institutions and unique proximity to government, Canberra offers students collaborative opportunities, strong educational pathways and excellent career options.

CIT students receive the very best in teaching and learning expertise, with progressive and accessible education solutions
using the latest technology. Spread across six locations in Canberra, CIT offers a supportive learning environment that is home to world-class libraries and information technology resources, as well as sporting and recreational facilities.

CIT also has a wide range of student support services to help you settle into your new academic life and assist you in enjoying Australia’s capital city, Canberra.



Please check the invidual courses for the admission criteria.


CIT offers a range of accommodation options to suit almost every need with on-campus, off-campus and homestay accommodation!

  • On-campus accommodation: a footstep away from classes means you will never be late!
  • Off-campus accommodation: short distance to CIT Reid and within walking distance of shopping and recreational centres
  • Homestay: stay with an Australian family and experience the exchange of culture in a supportive learning environment
  • Rent your own property: rent your own accommodation in Canberra or rent a share house with others.

CIT Bruce Residence: CIT Bruce Residence has been built in a semi-bush environment and is located on the northside of Canberra City in the grounds of CIT Bruce. The residence is a three-minute walk from classrooms, canteen, library, gym

Rent is kept affordable to ensure student residences are available to most students. The accommodation fee includes room, water, electricity and heating.

Monterey Apartments :Monterey Apartments are located in Canberra City, close to CIT Reid. Positioned centrally, these apartments are also close to our national museums and galleries, shops, restaurants, cafes, cinemas, theatres, transport and Canberra’s beautiful Lake Burley Griffin.


  • $180.00* (AUD) per week payable one term in advance or fortnightly payments can be arranged.

When you first move into the residence you must pay a terms rent in advance, or fortnightly payments can be arranged. You must also lodge a bond (totalling 4 weeks rent). Close to the end of the term a form will be sent out asking you to tell us what you are doing in the holidays and for the following term, then we will invoice you accordingly.

The invoice for the following term will include the holiday break rental fee and the cost of the following term. You will receive the invoice in the mail at the end of each term. If you are vacating your room at the end of term you must write that on the form and notify us in writing 2 weeks prior to the end of term. Required vacating paperwork will be sent to you for completion, outlining all necessary vacating procedures. If you fail to return your keys your bond will be forfeited.

  • If you stay in for the term break you will be charged the normal weeks rent.
  • If you are away for the term break you will be charged $20.00* (AUD) per week and may be asked to place your belongings in storage.


  • $720.00* (AUD) 4 weeks rent.

All students pay that amount on signing a contract and you will receive your bond back on vacating your room when you return your keys, and provided your room is left clean, there is no damage caused to CIT property, and there are no outstanding fees owing.  

Please Note : In holiday breaks, CIT have the right to ask you to place your belongings in storage so we can let the rooms for functions, conferences or study groups requiring accommodation over the holiday break. You will be charged a storage fee of $20.00* (AUD). *Fees subject to change.

Homestay Living :Homestay living with a Canberra family is a great way for you to enjoy your first visit to the National Capital. A family offer a welcoming environment for you to concentrate on your studies and provides a stable base for your new life in Canberra. Apply for HomeShare

Rent or Share Accommodation :Students have the option to independently rent their own property in Canberra or live in share accommodation with other people/students. There are hundreds of properties to choose from and helpful websites available to aid in your search

AIS Residences :The Australian Institute of Sports (AIS) Residences are set among landscaped gardens at the AIS Canberra Campus in Bruce. The AIS Residence are blocks with 12 single rooms each, daily breakfast and dinner in the Residences Dining Hall, free laundry facilities and free internet!

Should your course start and finish dates be different to the package dates offered, AIS will work out an equivalent pro-rata package based on the rates provided.

Fee Option 1: $330 per week

Full year Occupancy Agreement with annual payment (Semester 1 and 2, 45 weeks, January to December 2015).

45 week : Accommodation + Bond = $14,850 + $800 = TOTALS = $15,650

Fee Option 2: $345 per week

One semester contract payable by semester:

  • Semester 1: 24-week contract January to July 2015
  • Semester 1 students can apply to renew for Semester 2: 21 weeks contract July to December 2015

24 week : Accommodation + Bond =  $8,280 +$800 = TOTALS= $9,080

21 Week : Accommodation + Bond =  $7,245 +$800 = TOTALS= $8,045

Note: Bond, Application fee does not apply to those renewing for 2nd Semester 2015

Fee Option 3: $360 per week

One semester Occupancy Agreement, payment by monthly installments, July charged pro-rata:

  • Semester 1: 24-week contract from January to July 2015. Fee structure below is based on pro rata per day
  • Renewable for Semester 2: 21-week from July to December 2015.
  • Payment due dates will be detailed in Occupancy Agreements - due date for payment will be a week before end of a current month
  • First instalment 2nd semester is required for approximately first one-and-a-half months

24 week: 

Jan-Feb =  Accomodation + Bond = $1,543  + $1,000  =  $2,543
March    =   Accomodation = $1,594
April   =   Accomodation = $1,543
May   =   Accomodation = $1,594
June   =   Accomodation = $1,543
July   =   Accomodation =  $771

21 week

July -August =  Accomodation + Bond = $2,520  + $1,000  =  $3,520
September =   Accomodation = $1,542
October =   Accomodation = $1,594
November =   Accomodation = $1,543
December=   Accomodation = $463

Vacation stay: if you require to stay outside of Fee Option dates, a Vacation Rate including required meals per day is payable. The rate will be applied at the discretion of management.

Note: All fees are in Australian Dollars ($AUD) and must be paid in Australian Dollars.


The idea of creating games has always fascinated me so when I heard about this course at CIT, I found it is the perfect fit for me

Hanih Saneen

My course The idea of creating games always fascinated me. Growing up I have played my fair share of games, which I really enjoyed. As I grew up I learned to do programming which also I liked very much. But when I heard about this course in CIT, which is a degree course for programming in games I found it is the perfect fit for me. So I did a background check on the course and found out that there are teachers who are really big names in the game industry. The Bachelor's degree is provided by the cooperation between AIE (Academy Of Interactive Entertainment) and CIT. My CIT experience I was really impressed with AIE, as they have a really good environment for game development. The place is filled with people who have similar interests like game artists, designers and of course programmers. Most of my time is spend at AIE, which I really enjoy and the computers and technology they provide are of the best available. We also occasionally have a "Game Jam" session at AIE, the idea is to make a game in 48 hours. We team up with designers and artists, make games until we break, which is a great experience, everyone just enjoys it. My Canberra experience Canberra is a beautiful place to live. The people are super nice here, everybody just respects each other regardless of your age, country or any aspects. Also the climate in Canberra can be a bit cold at times, which I really enjoy. Coming from India, it's a bit tough to adjust at first, but you will start enjoying it in no time. It's always a pleasure to go outside and there are lot of places in Canberra to visit.

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I chose to study at CIT because of the flexibility of its programs and the outstanding awards the institution has received


I chose to study at CIT because of the flexibility of its programs and the outstanding awards the institution has received for the quality of teaching and performance of its students. At CIT there is time for more practical work covered during tutorials. Some lecturers are quite open to helping students with problems they might be facing even after school or work hours. I enjoy the vast mix of people from different cultural backgrounds and brainstorming with my fellow students in the library, on the lawn, or in class in search of answers to questions we get for home work. I enjoy the tutorials because I can sometimes get a one to one discussion with the tutor.

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I learned more about what I needed to face on my career path and gained a lot of confidence along the way that will help me succeed in the field of my dream

Loo Yee

My first impression of CIT was how helpful the accommodation staff were in assisting me to find temporary accommodation. I felt very welcome here as everyone is really happy to assist a foreign student with limited English ability. I enjoyed the practical aspects of my course the most. It was very fun and challenging working in the kitchen, learning all different cooking techniques, time management and experiencing what its like in an actual working environment. I learned more about what I needed to face on my career path and gained a lot of confidence along the way that will help me succeed in the field of my dream. Overall it is a very enjoyable experience.

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