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For more than thirty years, integrating EISTI means choosing the future and innovation.

It is also choosing a school with strong values, just as concerned about your success as your personal fulfillment. 
Finally, you are planning on exciting careers that will be offered to you even before graduation.

Actors of the world of tomorrow

It is training you in one of two geniuses at the heart of today's and tomorrow's technologies proposed by the school: mathematical engineering and computer engineering. They open to them two to more than fifty innovative and very promising trades. 
Trained in cutting-edge technologies, you are prepared for the sectors in full emergence of which you will be the actors: Big data, IoT, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, modeling, finance ... EISTI has already invested these new domains, present in its courses and its options presented in the various sections of our site.
As you visit, share the daily lives of our 1,400 students on our campuses. Discover lessons, projects, internships. See further through international mobility, our double degrees in France and abroad, in internationally renowned institutions, explore with our research. Imagine yourself in our campuses and our digital school or vibrate for the associative life ... At EISTI, your course is rich of experiences.

EISTI expands your horizons!

It should also be stressed that diversity and equal opportunities are promoted and that the concern for quality and excellence is permanent. 
Professionalism, Openness, Solidarity, Ethics are our four values. They accompany you as soon as you enter our school, to the door of professional life and probably beyond.

This is an invitation to a trip to the future ... yours may be!

Studying at EISTI also means living the life of a great school where students share values and activities. Being Eistien is also a way of being and acting on a daily basis, respecting the four values of our charter: Professionalism - Openness - Solidarity - Ethics. Everyone can rely on their classmates, teachers and teams from our two campuses. Because the human is essential to us and remains so more than ever. Only the work and the will are necessary.

Student life is rich and lively, in line with the many activities offered by the thirty or so associations. Of these, there is necessarily one made for you; And if that's not the case ... why not create yours? 

Useful and festive at the same time, the brewing of the Promos is vivacious and benevolent. There, make friendships that will last well after the EISTI years. We want that during your years at EISTI, you can express your talents, discover passions, meet others, nourish you with enriching experiences, live unforgettable moments ... In a word: you bloom individually and collectively. 

This well-being also contributes to the success of the Eistiens.


In Cergy as in Pau, the work environment is pleasant and functional and many modern means contribute to the smooth running of studies: laptop, online virtual school, videoconferences etc. The EISTI campuses are like us: Family-friendly, dynamic, friendly, and both integrated in the university campuses of their city.



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