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In a world in constant evolution, Brest Business School has constantly innovated and made the necessary adaptations in order to offer training programs adapted to the needs of companies and the desires of students.

Brest Business School

Brest Business School, formerly Brittany Brest Business School (ESC Brest), is a member of the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles ( CGE ) since 1992. A private higher education institution, the school welcomes around 650 students, 20% of whom are students. foreign students and 20% of engineering students on its Brest campus (Finistère).

Spacious (9,300 m²), the Brest campus is equipped with modern educational facilities and areas dedicated to students as the "associative liner" and coworking spaces . It is also a meeting place for entrepreneurs since it includes an Incubator, the headquarters of "Product in Brittany", as well as clubs and professional networks Finistere.

Brest Business School designs and offers suitable degree programs preparing its students to become responsible managers and entrepreneurs in a globalized environment. In addition to and in support of its portfolio of programs, Brest Business School impacts socially and economically the actors of its territory through its applied research activities.

The operational implementation of our mission is reflected in:

  • the provision of a high-quality, truly international management institution to the population, preparing new generations of managers to meet the complex challenges of the planet and to create the necessary economic and social value,
  • Improving the knowledge and managerial practices of students, businesses and institutions
  • the development of innovative teaching practices that can be transposed to companies,
  • the openness of students and professionals,
  • the contribution to the development of the organizations of the territory:
    • through the provision of multicultural human resources,
    • through assistance and service delivery, national and international,
    • by works, studies, advice and research,
  • support for business creation.



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