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ESGCI is a business school that awards state-level I (Bac +5) and II (Bac +3) titles.

"Who has never dreamed of giving the best of himself?" Often, and despite our efforts, it is impossible alone.It requires the intervention of a third party who advises, who shows us the possible ways and we help us choose ours, this is what the ESGCI offers to you: not to become THE best, but to become the best of you, to reach the fullness of your abilities and, thus, to find your way .

Be your best means to study while developing in a benevolent and open environment, far from the stereotypes of generalist and formatted business schools. The diversity of profiles is a richness, everyone can grow its singularity. The means of your success and your accomplishment are offered to you: attentive professors, specialization from the 1st year, dynamic associative fabric, possibilities of going abroad each year, free support courses, professional projects with real companies, network from 6,000 alumni to multiple experiences ...

It's up to you to seize your chance and discover your talents. Because if we are here to accompany you, it is YOU who will reveal to you. At the best of you. "



How to integrate the 1st year at the ESGCI

Future Bachelors, know that in parallel with the procedure Parcoursup (ex-PDB), you can apply directly to our school. The submission of an application file does not affect your wishes for orientation.

To apply in the first year, students in Terminale must pass the competition taking place at ESGCI in Paris.

The competition consists of 3 written tests :

  • General culture
  • English
  • Understanding and memorizing

The competition continues with an individual interview or a  30-minute group interview (Coeff 5) corresponding to a motivational interview to integrate the ESGCI

How to integrate the other years

Admission takes place in 3 stages:

Step 1: admissibility on file

The study of the file makes it possible to analyze the coherence between the cycles followed by the candidates and the specializations which are proposed to the ESGCI ( Tip : If you apply on line, to scan the parts to join with your file, download Camscanner on your smartphone is fast, easy to use and allows you to upload all the required parts at the same time). Candidates are notified by mail of the eligibility result under a fortnight.

Conditions of eligibility:

  • 2nd year: hold a Bac + 1 (1 year at university, preparatory class or business school).
  • in 3rd year: hold a Bac + 2 (DEUG, BTS, DUT or equivalent).
  • in 4th year: hold a Bac +3 (License, business school or equivalent).
  • in 5th year: hold a Bac +4 (Master's degree, business school or equivalent).

Step 2: admission to competition

The entrance examination includes written tests which vary according to the specialization chosen and the level of studies:

  • A written test of comprehension, general culture, logic and marketing
  • An English MCQ

Step 3: oral interview (individual and / or collective)

These interviews focus on professional situations and the motivation of the candidate (s). These tests make it possible to test the candidates' knowledge and to understand the reasons for the chosen orientation.

The final result is communicated to the candidates within a few days by email or by post.

NB: It is not necessary to wait for the results of the exams being prepared to transmit the application file.


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