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Location : France ,Paris

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With its 69 years of experience and its strong reputation for Corporate and Market Finance and Audit, ESLSCA Business School adds to its strengths: international involvement (including the establishment of centers associated with the abroad), pedagogical innovation, research quality of its faculty, international network of alumni ...

A new card was added in September 2003 with the creation of the Department of Economic Intelligence, in the Grande Ecole program, fruit of the know-how developed by ESLSCA Business School since 1997 with its third cycle "Ecole de Guerre Economique" recognized as a leader in French level and noticed by MP CARAYON in his report to the Prime Minister on EI (June 2003).

A very popular general education

An ESLSCA / IPSOS survey confirmed this. Companies want more professional and operational young people. The student must therefore have completed several internships, master the computer tool and be at least bilingual. The training has therefore adapted to this demand. 30% of the courses are in English. Students must also follow a mandatory semester abroad, university or business. 

ESLSCA Business School  has several partner universities around the world, with which it also has educational exchanges, from which the arrival of Anglophone teachers in the school. Finally, thanks to a very strong network of 12,000 alumni in 110 countries and very good relations with partner companies, it is quite easy to find an internship in France or abroad among the 3000 offers that the school receives a year.

Upon his arrival at the school, the student follows an introductory seminar to organizations (IAO) in parallel to the introductory seminar on computer management. During the IAO, several alumni of  ESLSCA Business School , representing all sectors of economic activity, share their professional functions and experiences. Finally, each student follows internships in companies. 2 months the first year, 3 months at the end of the second year, and often part-time during her third year, before a final internship, up from April to December, and giving rise to the defense of a thesis. Although these internships often result in a job,  ESLSCA Business School  also organizes an annual Student-Business Forum.

Finally,  ESLSCA Business School  offers postgraduate programs: Trading, Financial Engineering, Marketing, E.Business, Luxury Management, Economic Intelligence and an MBA. Graduate students also benefit from these courses and 3rd cycle research.

A diversified curriculum

The so-called "Common Core" program is spread over the three years of study. In addition to this program and in the final year, there are also optional courses. The first two years of study thus form a first cycle of general studies. The third year constitutes a second cycle of studies, corresponding to the period of specialization among the 6 majors below:

  • Marketing Major
  • International Management

  • Major Expertise Control

  • Major Market Finance

  • Major Corporate Finance

  • Major Economic Intelligence

  • Major Organization, Management, Council.

Undertaking is also part of teaching

By teams and from the first year, students must submit a

project to start a business or take over an existing association within the school. The BDE ESLSCA Business School is actually very active. Under the authority of a tutor tutor, students must put together a business plan, specify objectives and carry out this project in the second year. This permanent coaching of students is possible by the structure of the school that we maintain on a human scale.

Effective means

The faculty of ESLCA Business School reflects the quality of teaching and research, both nationally and internationally. In addition to this cutting-edge pedagogy, ESLSCA Business School gives its students the means to perform their research to the best of their ability, thanks to its internet and educational resources.

Being in Paris, an additional asset

The largest companies are in PARIS and the capital also offers all the means to perfect its general culture. If  ESLSCA Business School  has more than 50 different nationalities among its students, Paris is probably also for something.



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