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Grenoble INP, accelerator of futures

With an offer of engineering education focused on business sectors, 36 large laboratories and a range of renowned research and development services in the global scientific and industrial community

Grenoble INP, skill developer

For more than 100 years, Grenoble INP has brought together renowned engineering schools close to the industrial world and open to the international market. Today, this Grand Institution of Higher Education has entered a new era, with 6 engineering schools :

Grenoble INP, discovery generator

A global research center in constant evolution with 36 major laboratories specialized in engineering sciences. They prepare the technologies of the future in 5 societal challenges:

  • Energy
  • Environment
  • Digital society
  • Micro and nanotechnologies
  • Industry: globalization and innovation


Grenoble INP, innovation incubator

A major player in innovation networks in France and around the world. A privileged partner of the industrial world. One of the driving forces behind French research and development involved in world-class platforms and centers such as Minatec , the leading European center for innovation in micro and nanotechnologies, the Minalogiccompetitiveness clusters (micro and nanotechnologies and embedded software) and Tenerrdis (renewable energies), two Carnot institutes ( Energies of the future , and Software and intelligent systems ) and a thematic network of advanced research (Nanosciences at the limits of nanoelectronics).


Grenoble INP, career accelerator

Grenoble INP offers a diversified range of continuing education programs renowned for the quality of the courses taught, the skills of its stakeholders and for its adaptation and anticipation of business skills needs. 

In its six key areas, Grenoble INP trains engineers and executives each year and relies on its privileged relations with companies and professional branches, constantly adapting its training offer. Thanks to its strong international dimension, Grenoble INP contributes to the development of the competitiveness of French companies.


Grenoble INP, creator of networks

Upon arrival at their school, students join Grenoble INP - Alumni , association of engineers and PhD graduates of Grenoble INP. They begin to weave their network. The association accompanies them throughout their studies and helps them in their job search. It then allows them to stay in touch with the Grenoble INP group and engineers, wherever they are, in France or abroad.



Admission to a master's degree

Admission to the License 1 level is made after the baccalaureate in the national framework of admissions to preparatory classes at the Grandes Ecoles. 
The admission to the second cycle (L3) of Grenoble INP engineering training is done through a selective procedure.

Recruitment figures

  • 75% at the bac +2 level after the Polytechnique Communal Competition (accessible from the Preparatory Classes to the Grandes Ecoles)
  • 10% of students are admitted to the baccalaureate level in one of the " integrated preparatory classes " located in Grenoble, Toulouse, Nancy, Bordeaux or at the school of Valencia, Esisar
  • 15% at baccalaureate +2 or baccalaureate + 3 by admission to qualifications (L2, DUT, BTS + Preparation ATS, L3, Master).

    Terminal S, STI, STL

    You can enter in the 1st year at the INP Prep or at the Esisar , School of Advanced Industrial Systems Engineers. For this you must obtain the tray S, STI or STL in good conditions and be selected on file and interview with the admission panel. You must submit your application on the site January 22, 2018 if you pass a French bac.

    Preparatory class

    You can enter 1st year (3rd year at Esisar ) in all engineering courses at Grenoble INP. 
    For this, you must succeed in good conditions the events of the Common Polytechnic Competitions at the end of the Preparatory Classes at the Grandes Ecoles Scientifique MP, PC, PSI, TSI and PT, according to the selection criteria and specialties of the training courses. Grenoble INP engineers.

    INP prep

    You can enter the 1st year (3rd year at Esisar ) in the engineering schools of the four INPs of Grenoble, Lorraine , Toulouse and Bordeaux (IPB). 
    For that you must succeed your two years of Preparatory Cycle Polytechnic in good conditions.

    Admissions on title in engineering school

    If you are currently in IUT, License Pro (DUT + 3) BTS + Spé ATS (Adaptation Technician Superior) License L2 or L3, Master 1, MIAGE, MST, DEST or

    see the information on title admissions .

    Master research or professional

    If you hold a Research Master, you can apply for a PhD to obtain a PhD . 
    Holders of a Professional Master's degree, to apply for a thesis, must first obtain from the College Doctoral a research master's exemption.

    Engineering degree

    Holder of an engineering degree, you can:

  • apply for a PhD to obtain a PhD .
  • apply for a Master .


When he arrives in Grenoble, the first task of a student is to find accommodation. 
To help it in its efforts, Grenoble INP maintains privileged links with the residence of La Houillle Blanche 


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