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Location : France ,Paris

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INSEEC U. is a private higher education and research institute with facilities all over the globe. Our 5 campuses in France are renowned to be among the best in the country and even Europe. Not only is our School enriching the scholar and professional life of our students, but it is also contributing to the reputation and influence of Paris as a metropolis. INSEEC U. is more than a model in higher education, it represents the best of the best in research and innovation. The capital hosts 2 academic destinations, one on each side of the city, and 3 other campuses are located in different regions. They offer some of the best courses of our education group. Studying is not only about getting a masters degree! Opening up your world is opening up the path to graduation and to great careers in health, digital technology, business, sports and more!

The campus, located in the St Martin / République area, offers an unparalleled quality of life for our students. The banks of the Canal St Martin are popular locations in central Paris, students can easily access pubs and restaurants: conviviality and relaxation are waiting for you!

The modern and fully renovated campus offers students an environment dedicated to studies and meetings with professionals. All classrooms are connected to WI-FI. The School also features a completely redesigned Bloomberg Trading Room and a Cafeteria.

A new-generation Intranet, accessible via the web and via a mobile app, provides students with all necessary information for the conduct of their studies at INSEEC U. (schedules, access to courses, tips, etc..).



Paris has always been a pioneer in implementing large-scale projects, and the city is experiencing fast-growing economic, social and cultural vitality. The French capital has never ceased to attract investors as well as numerous multinational companies. The city also ranks among the leading student cities in terms of international outreach, culture, education and employment. Located in the 19th arrondissement, on the banks of the Seine, the MSc & MBA INSEEC campus offers a dynamic environment and an unbeatable quality of life for its students. 

Studying in Paris often is/means enjoying an international experience in the national capital of France that students have dreamed of. Even outside the not to miss Eiffel Tower there are tons of architectural marvels to enjoy in one of the most dynamic cities on the globe. Not to forget the legendary French cuisine and the possibility to discover what the beautiful countryside has to offer thanks to the modern public transport system in place. Student mobility is a bullet point in the development of our campuses thanks to our student mobility program. The region counts numerous airports and international  train stations so that any European destination or a visit to their family is only a short flight away. For some students a visa might be necessary in order to study abroad but information for this can be easily found to help you with the application procedure. We do not simply offer courses but we offer the most dynamic environment for higher education in France and the EEA.


For those who intend to seek to learn or obtain their degree in an international setting, and be based in a calmer environment while still having an enriching experience our campus near the Grenoble metropole is what you need. In the heart of Savoie, the 5,000 m² Chambéry campus offers its Bachelors and MScINSEEC, CESNI and Cité des Langues students amphitheatres, an information library, a language resource centre (self-service training platform and multimedia laboratory), offices dedicated to student associations, a summer kiosk, a beach volleyball court and a cafeteria-restaurant. Are you more of a cultivated wine enthusiast then look no further: The quays of the Garonne, a place of life much appreciated by the inhabitants of Bordeaux, are home to the campuses of the INSEEC School of Business & Economics, the INSEEC MSc & MBA and Sup de Pub. Located in sheds 16, 18 and 19, they offer an exceptional study environment in the heart of the city. The 2 huge terraces and the classrooms facing the Garonne River give the place a unique character.

Facilities include a Bloomberg trading room, a business incubator and a tasting room. In the historic heart of the Chartrons, on the very site where the famous wines of Bordeaux are made, the students of the INSEEC BBA have a unique working environment in an atypical building: behind the long traditional façade of the Rue Raze, the vaulted cellars have been transformed into high-tech teaching premises.  In addition to classrooms and a large, recently modernised amphitheatre, this fully Wi-Fi equipped campus has computer rooms, free-access work spaces and friendly meeting places: a vast hall, a foyer and a patio invite students to meet at any time of the day to discuss their projects or simply relax. Located in the legendary former Citroën industrial building, whose architecture is a global reference, the 8,200 m2 Omnes Education. campus brings together, a stone’s throw from Place Bellecour and the banks of the Rhône, all of Lyon’s schools and training courses: INSEEC School of Business & Economics, MSc, BBA & Bachelor INSEEC, ESCE, ECE, Sup de Pub. 

Located close to Lyon’s historic university centre, it is part of a dynamic and international environment, easily accessible via public transport (tramway, bus, train). Students benefit from an exceptional living environment, 100% green and evolve in a resolutely professional environment, close to the companies that occupy the other floors of the building. The central area dedicated to students is punctuated by three large glass atriums (cafeteria, computer self-service, social area). 


INSEEC Grande École has been awarding the Master’s degree without interruption since 2005 and has been accredited with the AMBA since 2016. It is part of the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles (CGE) and of the Chapitale des Ecoles de Management, which brings together the best French business schools (HEC, ESSEC, ESCP Europe, etc.). It brings together 60 permanent professors specialised in Management Sciences and nearly 300 speakers from the professional world. No surprise it ranks among the top business schools in Europe.

INSEEC offers the latest and most up-to-date training in management professions, centred on a multi-disciplinary sustainable approach and field experience in companies and abroad. The aim is twofold: the acquisition of knowledge and skills linked to specialised expertise and preparation for the jobs of tomorrow that do not yet exist.

Omnes Education. is an institution that brings together 16 schools in the areas of Management, Engineering, Communication, Banking, Political Science and International Relations. Thanks to this diversity, Omnes Education. offers all its students short and specialised courses in the fields of Digital, Finance, Luxury, Wine and Spirits, Sport and CSR. Our school is also considered a competition school as it offers access to challenges and competitions of all sorts.

Each year, Omnes Educationniversity has registered 3,000 internship agreements or professional contracts of 1 to 12 months, 250 humanitarian and civic missions and 3 possible work-study practice options for students to have a new career development experience in another city or country (apprenticeship, professionalisation contract, alternating internship). It also brings together more than 500 companies during its various events and 14 people help students to build their professional project.

Joining INSEEC means having access to a global network of over 24,000 graduates and alumni in key positions in 140 countries around the world… and which contributes to the professional and personal life of each of its members by promoting career opportunities and opportunities to meet people.



Like the top management schools, the first year of the INSEEC Business School is accessible after 2 years of Preparation.

  • Students in the preparatory classes of the economic and commercial path and the students of the preparatory literary classes apply to the INSEEC Business School via the BCE Competition (common test bank).
  • The students of the scientific preparatory classes integrate the INSEEC Business School through the INSEEC Evolution 1 Competition .


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