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In a globalized world in perpetual transformation, the digital revolution, which we are witnessing, creates major challenges for society, particularly in the economic, environmental, academic and societal fields, as well as in the ethical field. In this context, ISEP has positioned itself in the field of digital technologies , demonstrating adaptation and innovation while remaining true to its values since its creation.

ISEP, engineering school of the 21 th century, is therefore intended as a dynamic player in the top. It sets itself as missions of:

  • Train engineers with scientific, technical and managerial skills, open to the world and able to meet the expectations of companies. They accompany the changes in progress and bring their expertise in the management of transformation projects and the resolution of complex problems associated.
  • Participate in scientific production by developing research activities around digital issues with applications in the areas of health, the environment ... and always in response to social demand.
  • Developing innovation and entrepreneurship so that ISEP engineers take their part in digital transformations by creating their own start-up.
  • Participate in updating the skills of the practicing technical staff , through appropriate continuous training. This allows them to successfully navigate the changes that are occurring and to maintain their employability and the competitiveness of their business.

In fulfilling its missions, ISEP places a strong emphasis on:

  • the international dimension , essential in a globalized world,
  • the development of innovative pedagogies, integrating digital as a learning tool whose use can only increase the motivation of the learners who are the new generations.



First year of the Preparatory Preparatory Cycle

The Preparatory Preparatory Cycle, "integrated prep", is open to students of Terminale S through the Alpha Power Competition accessible from the Parcoursup platform . This competition brings together several schools, all consular or labeled EESPIG (Institution of Private Higher Education of General Interest) and non-profit.

Second year of the Preparatory Cycle 

This selection on file, level Bac + 1, completed by an interview, is opened only to the students of CPGE MPSI, PCSI or PTSI sectors which will be admitted by their establishment of origin in second year PSI.

The International Integrated Cycle is open to students in Terminale S or STI2D. The registration of candidates is done directly on the Parcoursup platform .

(a procedure on file is provided for the candidates educated outside the French educational system and not having access to Parcoursup)


Candidates from the S sector

For candidates in the S sector, admission is done on file, supplemented by an individual interview for candidates whose academic record is considered satisfactory.

The interviews take place between April 5 and May 20, registration for these interviews is done on the Parcoursup platform in early April.

Booking fees: 75 € (35 € for scholarship applicants).


Candidates from STI2D

For STI2D candidates, admission is done on file, completed, for candidates whose academic record is deemed satisfactory, by a collective interview, a written test of English and a written test of logic.

The interviews take place between April 15 and May 25, registration for these interviews is done on the Parcoursup platform in early April.

Administrative fees: 40 € (scholarship applicants are exempt).


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