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What is the best way to approach management in a globalised economy? What is the best way to ensure that managers can deal with cultural difference? Part of the mission of any business and management school is to answer these questions. The international dimension can be seen everywhere at La Rochelle Business School, with its multiculturalism, international programmes, diverse experiences abroad, and the development of international partnerships. The school reflects the image of the city in which it is based: on the shores of the Atlantic, open to the world.



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L a Rochelle Business School has brought together all the different accommodation services into a new platform to make it easier for students to find a suitable place to live in La Rochelle.

What is the platform?

  • The platform hosts a variety of accommodation ads… YOU choose which one suits you best! There are furnished or non-furnished studios or apartments, house-share possibilities or a room in a host family. Most are close to the School and you have the possibility of locating them online.
  • There is a message service which allows you to contact the landlord (owner) directly – this not only speeds things up but also saves you money by not having to pay an accommodation agency.
  • There is a dedicated person at the School who is available to help you in your accommodation search whether you are looking for an apartment or a host family, for a short or a long term rental

How can I access this platform? Once your enrolment is complete and you have paid your tuition fees, the Programme Coordinator for your programme will give you a code so that you can create an account to use the platform. As soon as you have created your account, you can start searching for your ideal accommodation!

types of accommodation Host Family accommodation From €300 to €400 per month Living with a host family is usually a very rewarding and enriching experience. You will have an opportunity to discover the French way of life and improve your language skills by exchanging ideas and ways of doing things. The family will arrange to pick you up from La Rochelle train station or airport and will also help you in finding your way around town. Host family accommodation will provide you with your own room and you can choose to share breakfast and evening meals with the family. If you do not have your meals with the family, you will be able to use their kitchen to prepare your own. The tariffs are set by either the host family or house owner.

Flats/Apartments From €400 to €600 per month Housing costs in La Rochelle vary greatly, depending on a number of factors, such as the area, proximity to public transport, condition of the property, whether it is furnished or unfurnished and whether or not utilities are included. RENTING A FLAT/APARTMENT If you rent a flat via our platform, the landlord has to draw up a tenancy agreement that sets out the terms and conditions of your residency. It is only when you hand over the deposit that both you and the landlord are mutually bound by the agreement.

TENANCY AGREEMENT (IN FRENCH THIS IS KNOWN AS A ‘BAIL’) Just like the host family tenancy agreement, if you choose to rent a flat, your contract should set out the terms and conditions of your residency as well as your rights and legal obligations. It should include the following:  A description of the accommodation.  The length of the contract.

  • The amount of the security deposit.
  • The rental amount.
  • Details of ending your agreement and moving out of your flat.

SECURITY DEPOSIT The Security Deposit is usually one or two months’ rent which is held by the landlord in case of damage to the property. When you move out, the property will be checked and if everything is in order your security deposit will be fully refunded within a maximum of two months.

INVENTORY OF FIXTURES & FITTINGS (ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE) Before taking possession of your accommodation, there will be an inventory of fixtures and fittings and this will be repeated when you move out. This process is to assess whether any damage has been done to the accommodation and therefore whether your security deposit will be refunded in full. In the event of any damage or missing items, the landlord will deduct the relevant value from the deposit. Any outstanding charges (e.g. rent, refuse collection) will also be deducted before refunding the deposit. The landlord is legally bound to return the deposit or the balance of deposit within two months of you leaving your accommodation.

CONTRACTUAL INFORMATION The following list is not exhaustive but gives you an overview of some of your legal obligations:

  • You must keep your accommodation clean and report any problems or damage. Take full responsibility for your visitors and abide by your tenancy agreement. If you wish to leave prior to the date stipulated in the contract, you are required to give formal notice by registered mail. There is no refund if you go home early or simply wish to change accommodation. When leaving your accommodation at the end of the study period you are required to make necessary arrangements:
  • Organise for the electricity, gas and water meters to be read and the supply cut off.
  •  Inform your insurance company of your departure date.
  •  Arrange for the inventory of fixtures & fittings to be done and return the keys. vacating your accommodation

GOOD TO KNOW! UNIVERSITY ACCOMMODATION There are six university residences in La Rochelle. The CROUS of Poitiers can provide you with a detailed booklet detailing all the information you need about accommodation and catering services that they offer in the local region. More info (in French only):

  • You have to take out insurance to cover both personal contents and personal liability (for injury or damage to others or the property). If you cause any damage, you will be required to pay for it.

ADDITIONAL COSTS If you rent an apartment, you will be required to pay for your own gas, electricity, water and possibly some other charges:

  • Electricity/Gas (ʻEDF/GDFʼ): a bill is issued every two months or you can pay monthly by bank transfer.
  • Water: this is often included in or added to your rent, estimated on a monthly basis. The meter is read once a year either to bill or refund you depending on the amount used.
  • Council tax (ʻTaxe d’habitationʼ) and refuse collection charges (ʻTaxe ordures ménagèresʼ) are usually included in your monthly rent.


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