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PSL encompasses every field of knowledge, from the sciences and engineering to the arts, humanities and social sciences. Learn more about our educational programs and research projects, our 17,000 students leading flourishing lives and our outlook for the future. We’re forging a new type of university, with Paris as our campus and an open horizon.

The important relationship between universities and civic life is what informs our commitments and how we see and relate to the world. At the heart of Université PSL’s mission to educate and train future researchers is its vocation to help forge these societal bonds. As such, PSL is committed to being welcoming and to fostering futures, so that each and every individual is empowered to make choices and determine his or her own path.

Being welcoming means being committed to providing equal opportunity access to PSL, and ensuring that each and every individual at PSL finds optimal conditions for their personal development and the means for becoming a unique, valuable player within the greater collective of fellow students and researchers.

Fostering futures means being committed to providing fertile ground for inquiry and initiative, equipping each and every individual with the knowledge and skills to become advocates for an open society rich in achievement and forward-looking solutions.

Supporting access to premium education

With rich diversity in individual backgrounds, the collective reaps a wealth of cross-pollinating ideas and approaches, rich in exchange and sources of inspiration. PSL is committed to offering equal access to premium education regardless of individual backgrounds, financial resources, and geographical location. This is our focus as we strive to marshal all of the necessary means for providing equal access to our schools and institutes and to support the advancement of a diverse pool of talent throughout full paths of education and research.

We implement this commitment through initiatives to inform future students of our education programs, provide the keys to achieving our demanding requirements, and support future applicants as they prepare for entry into our education programs. Likewise, we forge partnerships with schools and put extensive thought into creating the best possible conditions for future students to join PSL.



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