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Fully recognized by the State and ranking among the top French design schools, following the “Grande Ecole” pattern, STRATE  has established itself among the 60 best Design establishments worldwide (Business Week ranking), and among the top 50 in Europe by DOMUS. It is also the first French private school in France. 

Officially recognized by the French State

Why join Strate School of Design ? STRATE  is offering a Level 1 Industrial Designer diploma recognized by the French State.

Strate was officially recognized by the French State on December 7th 2015, rewarding the quality and level of the teachings delivered, its Research department, as well as its social policy.  

Starting with 18 students twenty years ago, the campus is now welcoming more than 600 of them. We have created 5 curriculums and have settled in Sèvres in 2010, on a brand new 3000 m2 campus. 

Our ambitions are as large as they are simple: we want to train dedicated professionals, focused on the human dimension of their work, and on the needs and desires of their contemporaries.

A social diversity concern with student recruitment

Thanks to this State acknowledgment and based on specific social criteria and means test, some STRATE  students will have access to public scholarships. Applicants willing to enroll, as though it is difficult for them to finance their studies, will thus be encouraged to do so.

“Talents are to be found in so many different  backgrounds,  and we do look forward  to welcoming  them” says Strate's headmaster Dominique Sciamma. 

Professional training handled by experts

Sculpture, nude drawing, sketch, watercolor, rough, colour: all visual arts classes are provided by full-fledged professionals mastering their art. 

Professional designers are in charge of methodology and project management training.

Marketing classes, technical skills, engineering and professional support are also provided by fully involved players in their own fields.   

Language and social science classes are delivered by certified teachers.

A recognized Player in the ecosystem of higher Design education

Created in 1993, STRATE  is nowadays fully recognized as a major player and partner in French Design academic education. Throughout the years, it has built strong partnerships with several engineering universities. Making it much easier to work with them in the future, and at an international level. The Strate’s foreign expansion projects – notably in Singapore, in India and Africa, should benefit from this overall professional network and recognition. In may 2017, Strate created a double diploma with Science - Po, one, if not the most prominent French Institute of Policital Studies. 

STRATE  offers different types of design programs training designers (5-year program) , modellers (3-year training) and innovative project managers (1-year) and other players in the design, research and innovation field through at least 5 curriculums.




What is a Stratos like? Creative, sensitive, caring, open-minded, vibrant, optimistic!

If you want to develop those qualities, you belong at Strate, where our goal is to make the world simpler, fairer and more beautiful. Beyond your school grades, what we value is your ability to design the future.

The world needs professionals who know how to use their art to serve their fellow man.

If you have this urge to create, shape, innovate and want the world to reap the benefits, then Strate is the perfect school to turn your desire into a profession.

Joining our school is easy: just show us how vibrant your passion is! Interviews with our team will focus on your motivation and openmindedness, qualities found in all design professionals.

Admission criteria : Master in Design for Smart Cities

We accept students onto a rolling basis however we strongly encourage applicants to contact us as soon as they can. Applications are considered until July 1st. Late applications may be accepted. 


If you are thinking of applying to our programs, please send us the following documentation:

• The Application Form 

• A CV or professional resume

• Official transcripts of studies

• Copies of diplomas

• 2 letters of recommendation (academic or professional)

• Official score of a standardized English exam (TOEFL, IETLS) for those individuals who are not native English speakers

• Photocopy of valid passport or identity card

To apply to our Master programs, applicants must have obtained:

• A Bachelor’s degree (Upper 2nd Class Honors degree or equivalent) in Design or Engineering or in Science

• OR a Bachelor’s degree in non-Design or Science fields (e.g. Management or Arts)

Once you returned the application form along with the rest of the required documents, an interview will be conducted to assess your eligibility. 


English Proficiency Requirements: 

• TOEFL iBT – 88 overall;

• IELTS 6.0 overall;


All admissions will be based on merit and is subject to the final approval of the Program Director.

Admission criteria : French Programs

The enrollment process for our French progams is diffrent from the process for the English programs.

If you are interested in our french programs and for full details on the enrollment process for the French programs we invite you to click here and you will be transfered to our french website where you will find all the details you are looking for and the answers to your questions. 


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